Friday 2 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaWhy Anahita Pandole is prime suspect in Cyrus Mistry car crash

Why Anahita Pandole is prime suspect in Cyrus Mistry car crash

A police case has been filed against Mumbai-based obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Anahita Pandole who was reportedly driving the car that businessman Cyrus Mistry was in when it met with an accident, two months after the incident. Cyrus Mistry, the scion of the illustrious Shapoorji Pallonji Group and former Tata Sons chairman, was killed in that car in Palghar, Maharashtra, on 5 September.

A friend of the businessman, Jahangir Pandole, was killed in that accident too when the car rammed a road divider. Two other car occupants — the accused Anahita (55) and her husband Darius (60) — suffered serious injuries. Jahangir was Darius’s brother.

Reason for suspecting the Dr Anahita Pandole

The police registered the case after recording the statement of Anahita’s husband Darius Pandole on 1 November. Darius Pandole, who survived the car crash, was discharged from a Mumbai hospital late last month.

Darius told police that his could not merge the vehicle into the second lane from the third lane of the road that turned narrow near the Surya bridge in Maharashtra’s Palghar, a police official said.

In the ill-fated journey, Mistry and Jehangir Pandole, Director at KPMG Global Strategy Group, were killed in the high-speed car on National Highway 48. The Mercedes car veered out of control, hit a road divider, and smashed into a on the Charoti bridge over Surya at around 3.15 PM.

“In his statement, Darius Pandole said his Anahita was driving the Mercedes-Benz car when they were on their way to Mumbai. A car that was ahead of their vehicle went to the second lane from the third and Anahita tried to follow it,” the official said.

Dr Anahita Pandole was driving Mistry’s silver Mercedes while the businessman was seated in the rear seat at the time of the accident. “The reports and the probe established that the accident was the result of rash and negligent driving,” and hence the case is against Dr Anahita Pandole, said the police in Palghar.

The FIR accuses Dr Pandole of causing death due to rash and negligent driving under the Indian Penal Code and Motor Vehicles Act.

The police have not yet recorded the statement of Anahita Pandole, as she remains under treatment in the intensive care unit of a Mumbai hospital.

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