Thursday 28 October 2021
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Who’s this boy with Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira?

While no confirmation has come from them, the Instagram photos of Aamir Khan and Reena’s daughter Ira suggest Mishal is more than ‘just a friend’


Mumbai: Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan has suddenly grabbed the headlines of social media. This happened after Ira and a boy called Mishal shared some pictures of their togetherness on Instagram.

In these pictures, Ira is seen with a boy, and the images suggest he is her boyfriend. The boy’s name is Mishal Kripalani.

The photographs tell a story of proximity between the two. Instagram users have been asking Ira about the boy. With the pictures, Ira has written, “Hope your Spring Break was sunny and smiley as @mishaalkirpalani’s, which of course, I piled onto.”

Ira’s fans are asking if Mishal is her boyfriend. Some are issuing sermons to Aamir Khan’s daughter.

Ira is the daughter of Aamir and his first Reena. She is 22-years old and is a student. Once Aamir Khan had said Ira was inclined towards filmmaking.

Going by Mishal’s Instagram profile, he seems fond of music. Mishal has introduces himself as an “artist, producer, composer” in his Instagram bio-data.

Mishal shares some of his singing videos too. On Valentine’s Day, Ira had shared a music video featuring Mishal as a singer.

It is difficult to say whether Mishal is Ira’s boyfriend, but seeing their closeness and caring attitudes for each other, the case seems to be more than that of friendship.

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Aamir Khan is currently busy preparing for the remake of the Hollywood movie Forrest Gump. Aamir announced the film on his birthday and named it Lal Singh Chadha.

Aamir Khan’s daughter is not that active on Twitter. She has tweeted nothing since 7 December 2017.

On Facebook, she is even less active. Her last update dates back to 15 June 2015.

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