Saturday 19 June 2021
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WhatsApp desktop app could soon work without active mobile connection

WhatsApp comes with a web client which needs users to be connected to a smartphone, but this will soon be no longer required

Most modern mobile-based messaging solutions today offer a desktop client, giving users the ability to chat from their phone or their computer, depending on which device they are using. These include Signal, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. While WhatsApp offers a web client, it currently requires users to be connected to a mobile device — something that could reportedly change based on the app’s recent beta releases.

A report by HackRead said that the requirement of having to scan a QR code on your laptop or desktop with the WhatsApp app on your Android phone or iPhone could soon be a thing of the past. This development is thanks to a new beta test for the WhatsApp Web interface that drops the requirement for an active mobile device.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp comes with a web client which needs users to be connected to a smartphone, but with the recent beta releases, it will soon be a thing of the past.

When logging into one of the recent beta builds of WhatsApp Web, users are greeted with a message that informs them that they don’t need to keep their phone connected to use WhatsApp’s desktop app, the web app or Portal, the report said. However, it also informs users that only four devices will be able to use the feature at a time.

One of the most widely requested features, a truly independent desktop client for WhatsApp would bring the app on par with popular messaging rival apps like Telegram, Signal, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. While there is no fixed date for the feature to be released, users should soon be able to chat with their contacts on their desktop PCs, even when their phone has no internet connection or has run out of battery — or even if their device gets damaged or stolen.

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