Wednesday 26 January 2022
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WhatsApp chat between Rhea and Mahesh Bhatt since she left Sushant’s home

Text exchanges between actor Rhea Chakraborty and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt via WhatsApp are out. It is clear from the WhatsApp chat between them that Rhea had moved out of actor ’s house on 8 June, and texted Mahesh Bhatt. Police had hurried claimed Sushant had committed suicide within 15 minutes of discovering his corpse on 14 June.

In messages now going viral on mainstream and social media alike, Rhea tells the filmmaker, “Aisha moves on..sir..with a heavy heart and sense of relief .” Aisha is the name of her character in the film Jalebi, produced by Mahesh. She adds, “Our last call was a wake up call. You are my angel You were then And you are now.”

WhatsApp chat continues

महेश भट्ट-रिया के रिश्ते का हुआ ...

Bhatt replies, “Don’t look back. Make it possible what is inevitable. My love to your father . He will be a happy man.” Rhea responds, “Have found some courage,and what you said about my dad tht day on the phone pushed me to be strong for him. He sends you love and thanks you for always being so special.”

The filmmaker writes, “You are my child. I feel light,” to which Rhea replies, “Aaaah no words sir. The best emotions i feel i feel for u.” Mahesh thanked her “for being brave.”

“You ve again unclipped my wings, twice in one life is almost like,” she writes further along in the conversation. On Rhea’s birthday on 1 July, she receives a message from Bhatt. “I will make you proud,” she wrote to him, to which he replied, “You already have. Truly. I takes guts to do what you did. Don’t look back.”

Police had questioned Bhatt in connection with Sushant’s death. The department claimed to have questioned more than 50 others.

In an interview, Mahesh’s brother Mukesh Bhatt had said that he could tell Sushant was ‘disturbed’. Mukesh said he remembered having a conversation about this with Mahesh. He said, “I started my career way back with Parveen Babi, she was a victim of schizophrenia. I remember telling my brother, that I am afraid he is going the Parveen Babi way. I am not shocked, because I saw this coming.”

Sushant’s family has accused Rhea of abetting his suicide, siphoning off his funds, among other allegations. The case is being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Who allowed Rhea’s entry into Cooper Hospital?

As the CBI team arrived in to investigate the case, a shocking footage from the Shiv Sena-managed BMC-run RC Cooper Hospital, exposing the carelessness of Mumbai Police, has surfaced.

The footage shows Rhea Chakraborty entering the mortuary of Cooper Hospital, a restricted area, and coming out from there after 45 min. Rhea’s entry in the restricted area indicates that powerful people may be involved in the case.

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