Friday 30 October 2020

West Bengal mulling Kali Puja immersion carnival from 2018

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Kolkata: Enthused by the “great success”of the Durga Puja immersion carnival on Red Road, the West Bengal government was now planning to organise a similar event for the popular Kali Pujas in the city. The proposed Kali Puja carnival was likely to be organised from next year, a senior state government official said.

“We have noticed the enthusiasm among people about the Durga Puja carnival. It was simply unexpected. The Durga Puja festival was a great success which has inspired us to think about hosting another immersion rally after Kali Puja,” he told. The official said some of the Kali Pujas in the city were, in fact, as good as what big Durga Puja committees organise.

“As Kali Puja is only a one-day affair, these elaborate arrangements hardly come to the notice of common people. So,holding such a rally will encourage Kali Puja organisers to come up with new ideas every year, and one must remember that anything which is good and appreciated by peoplecan be repeatedly organised,” he said.

The idea to host an immersion rally for Kali Pujas had surfaced during a recent meeting between puja organisers and senior officials of the Kolkata Police.    “We did massive planning for this year’s Durga Puja carnival. We need to do the same for the proposed Kali Puja carnival. This will help in wooing more tourists to the state,” an official of the West Bengal tourism department said.

Around 70 famous Durga Puja committees showcased their idols and marquees in the second edition of the immersion carnival on October 3, with close to 20,000 spectators in attendance.

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