Sunday 24 October 2021
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Web series: The best to watch this weekend

This July has seen the OTT platforms release several web series under the categories thriller, rom-com, action, horror; more are to come


All the OTT platforms are geared up to some summer-filled blockbuster series. The web series will kick off with their incredible shows soon. In addition, the OTT platforms will show several original release films and shows.

This July, all the OTT platforms are releasing all web series categories: thrillers, rom-com, action, horror… In this week of July, several series on which audience have shown their love by watching mostly.

Here is a list of the top web series this weekend

Aspirants first impression: TVF charms with another Kota Factory-like show  | Entertainment News,The Indian Express


The story is based on UPSC which is one of the toughest exams in the world and when you are preparing for it as an Aspirants nothing seems easy. In the Rajender Nagar at Delhi, thousands of people have arrived every year with a dream and also a burning desire to become an IAS officer. All of the students have to pay off a lot of hard work, perseverance, and also lead a disciplined life to crack it. It also needs a strong heart to tolerate the pressure. In this examination season, TVF comes with a story of three friends who are reunited to reveal to us about UPSC Pre…Mains…Aur Life.

Outer Banks” Season 2 Release Date and Trailer Announced | Teen Vogue

Outer Banks

This series is mainly a coming-of-age story about the Pogues which is a tight-knit group of the local youngers on the beach of titular North Carolina vacation spot. In the first season, it depicts that they had just escaped from near death, and Sarah and John B are on the run and also in over their heads in the Bahamas.

AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for a ninth season - The Verge

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is no doubt an incredible series but this time it seems that Season 10 of this series has taken a huge time to hit on Netflix. Every year, a new season comes to Netflix in September but this time it was affected heavily due to the pandemic and finally, it has set to come to Netflix in July 2021.

The later seasons of the series were also got some damaged reputation but still, the series is one of the popular action series at this moment and also AMC’s blockbuster series. As one of the key stars of the series has been a departure from Season 9, now it seems that this season the series has to manage with the rest of the cast.

Virgin River season 4 release date, cast and plot

Virgin River

The story of this series is mainly based on the novel franchise that provides to the writer no shortage of material as a 21 novels strong. In Season 3 the main cliffhanger would be what will happen to Jack. In Season 2 it has seen that Mel is visited the bar in search of Jack with a wound of gunshot and also bleeding slowly on the floor. Here obviously the other question would be who shot Jack? It is assuming that there would be five suspects who are Brady, Calvin, Charmaine, Vince, and Jamie.

Never Have I Ever,” Reviewed | The New Yorker

Never have I Ever

Netflix has dropped the trailer of Season 2 of the teen series Never Have I Ever. It is very good news for the fans that this comedy series is once again returning to our screens sooner than our expectation with the role of Maitreyi Ramakrishnan who is a strange 15-year- Devi.

Last year it has teased its latest episodes and reveal the big love triangle in between the former nemesis of Devi Ben Gross and also high school Jock Paxton Hall-Yoshida.

Manifest' Isn't Done Chasing Netflix Records Yet


Manifest is a show of NBC that has been produced and also distributed by Warner Bros Television. In 2018 it has been first time aired back and after three seasons the show becomes cancelled by NBC. It is reported that Netflix has picked up the show as a licensed title in the US and Canada on 10th June. It has been found that the third season’s finale was launched on the same day when it was added to Netflix and just was four days later while the show becomes canceled officially.

Roubos Inacreditáveis, série da Netflix conta a história dos maiores roubos  da história moderna dos EUA • Coletivo Nerd


It is known that the heist series is one of the most preferred series by the audiences. Donne has tried to figure out a new way to represent those capers from the new perspective of people who have pulled them off and also has been explored bigger human themes related to them. Since that time it has been changed the filmmakers said that he thought that their initial vision is pretty close to what we see now.

Netflix's 'Sex/Life' Trailer Will Remind You Of '50 Shades Of Grey'


It is a story of an American married woman Billie Connelly in the suburbs of New York City. In this Cooper Connelly has admired his wife and the two children to complete the happy family. Billie has missed her wildness in her present life.

Atypical': Netflix Sets Season 4 Premiere Date; First-Look Photos – Deadline


In this series, we have seen Sam who has moved to his new home and take another step towards independence. The name of his mother is Elsa who cannot hide her proud feelings while she is telling Sam and the show will invoke him every night. It shows that moving out of her mother’s house and visiting college does not seem stressful enough to him. In this season we will see Sam will face some academic probation as he is trying to discover what he actually wants for his future.

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