Wednesday 8 February 2023
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IndiaElectionsWayanad fallback option of Rahul Gandhi if Amethi lost?

Wayanad fallback option of Rahul Gandhi if Amethi lost?

The Congress says Amethi victory is beyond doubt; Rahul Gandhi’s contest from Wayanad is meant to motivate the south Indian cadre

New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi is going to contest the Lok Sabha election this from two constituencies. On Saturday, Kerala Congress president Mullappally Ramachandran informed the press about the second seat. Ramachandran said that Congress president Gandhi will contest from the Wayanad parliamentary seat, considered to be a party stronghold in Kerala. The Kerala Congress president said that Gandhi was ready for this.

The Congress leadership was under pressure from the workers from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala for the past several weeks. They said Gandhi should be fielded in any of the southern constituencies besides Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi parliamentary constituency.

The BJP would like people to believe that Smriti Irani, who had drastically reduced Gandhi’s victory margin in 2014 from the 2009 level, poses a real threat to the Congress president this time, which is why the opposition party is looking for a face-saver. Since Ramachandran made the comment above, supporters of the BJP have been saying so on Twitter.

However, the Congress says its victory in Amethi is beyond doubt. A source in the party said they would like to field Gandhi from Wayanad to motivate the south Indian cadre.

Ramachandran said, “The conversation was going on for about a month; he (Gandhi) was not interested. But he finally agreed.”

After the delimitation of Lok Sabha constituencies, the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat came into existence in 2008. It is composed of Kannur, Malappuram and Wayanad Assembly areas. Congress ML Shahnawaz won this seat in the last two terms.

Wayanad not confirmed yet

The All India Congress Committee general secretary Oommen Chandy said, “The Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) has requested Congress president Rahul Gandhi to fight from a seat in Kerala. They offered the Wayanad seat. Rahul Gandhi’s reply can come at any today.”

Former Congress president T Siddiqui was named as the party candidate in this seat, but he withdrew before the race. While announcing his withdrawal from the election in Kozhikode, he said, “It will be a matter of respect for me and the state”, referring to the possibility that Gandhi could contest from Kerala besides repeating Amethi of Uttar Pradesh.

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