Water Ministry wants blue print for Water Week


New Delhi: Looking at the cyclical flood and drought conditions in India, the country needs a better management policy to deal with these issues. In view of the recurring calamities, the Union Water Resource, River Management and Ganga Rejuvenation Ministry has instructed its officials to change the format of Water Week to be organised in between 10 and 14 October in which people from across the world are expected to participate. The officials have been told that constructive proposals must come out of the deliberations.

Sources in the ministry informed us that the government did not want run-of-the-mill stuff during these deliberations at Week. Earlier, four deliberations in this sequence have quite unproductive; Minister Uma Bharti was not ready for a similar, failed exercise once again. She has instructed officials that the participants in this programme must come with some proposals. They should be aware of India’s conditions and requirements. The format of the programme must be changed entirely and accordingly, the officials have been instructed.

Around a dozen countries will participate in this programme, with around 500 representatives from India. Prominent countries that will observe the week include Australia, Japan and Bangladesh. The is the new partner in this programme in the place of previous year’s partner Israel with whom the country has been working on several projects on irrigations and management.

Sources in the ministry said that there was a need for better management of resources in the country as some of its areas are affected by drought and some others by floods annually. The minister wants the participants to come with proposals and blue prints so that the matter could be taken forward swiftly.

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