Sunday 23 January 2022
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Waseem Rizvi, who objected to 26 verses of Qur’an, turns Hindu

On 8 September in an exclusive talk with Sirf News, Waseem Rizvi had said that the verses he was raising objection to 'could not have been the word of God'

Former Shia Waqf Board chairman Waseem Rizvi, who had famously moved the Supreme Court to get 26 ‘Satanic’ verses of the Qur’an expunged from the holy book of Islam, quit his original faith today and embraced Hinduism.

Rizvi was converted to Hinduism by Swami Yati Narsinghanand, the head priest of Dasna Devi temple in Ghaziabad who was recently in news for speaking publicly on the shady parts of the life of Prophet Mohammed. Rizvi’s new name after religious conversion is Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi, said Narsinghanand.

Former UP Shia Waqf board chief Wasim Rizvi converts to Hinduism

Rizvi told reporters after the conversion ritual, “I was removed from Islam. The prize money on my head increased every Friday. Today I am embracing sanatana dharma.”

National president of All India Hindu Mahasabha Swami Chakrapani Maharaj said, “The decision of former Muslim cleric Waseem Rizvi saahab to accept Hindu sanatana dharma is welcome. the All India Hindu Mahasabha, Sant Mahasabha welcomes him. Waseem Rizvi saahab is now a part of our Hindu sanatana dharma, no fanatic should dare to issue a fatwa against him. The union and state governments should provide him proper security.”

Waseem Rizvi had allegedly received threats to life after he filed a PIL in the Supreme Court, seeking the removal of 26 verses from the Quran, which he said taught violence. His appeal was, however, rejected by the Supreme Court.

On 8 September in an exclusive talk with Sirf News’s Editor-in-Chief Surajit Dasgupta over the phone, Rizvi had said that the verses he was raising objection to “could not have been the word of God”. “God cannot say such terrible things,” he said.

In the conversation, he cast aspersions on the character of Prophet Mohammed too.

He also received threats after he released a book that allegedly portrayed Prophet Muhammad in a bad light.

Before the Supreme Court verdict on the dispute, Rizvi had said in February 2018 that those who opposed a re-building of a temple at Ram Janmabhoomi must go to Pakistan.

Following these controversies and threats, Rizvi recorded himself expressing his desire to be cremated according to Hindu rituals and not buried. In a video, Rizvi mentioned that his body must be handed over to his Hindu friend, Mahant Narsinghanand Saraswati of the Dasna temple, and he should his pyre.

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