Friday 2 December 2022
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Fact CheckWas a drunk Mann deplaned from Lufthansa flight?

Was a drunk Mann deplaned from Lufthansa flight?

It is a few tweets by a journalist quoting an eyewitness to the happenings inside the plane versus the version of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Following Punjab Chief Minister not taking his scheduled flight from Frankfurt to Delhi last minute yesterday, an eyewitness has claimed that he was allegedly deplaned for being in an inebriated state while the AAP attributes the allegation to the "dirty tricks department" of their opponent (BJP?).

The Hindu reported that was supposed to return from Germany, which he toured between 11 and 18 September, but he delayed his departure as he was reportedly unwell.

The report quoted sources saying that and his team of officials did not board the booked flight as per the schedule. They were dropped off at the Frankfurt airport by cabs, but the Indian consulate reportedly called the cabs again to pick up the Punjab chief minister from the airport as he did not board the aeroplane.

“Mann ji was a little unwell and he would catch a flight later tonight from Frankfurt and would be back,” AAP’s of media communication Chander Suta Dogra said.

The AAP has denied the allegation that Mann was deplaned at Frankfurt airport because he was too drunk. They are calling the claim it false and frivolous, but an eyewitness of Lufthansa’s LH 760 to Delhi from Frankfurt said, “Punjab chief minister (Bhagwant Mann) apparently deplaned at Frankfurt for being drunk.”

Journalist Aman Malik tweeted, citing an eyewitness who said boarded “totally drunk”. He was unable to even stand without the support of his and security guards, the journalist said. “Lufthansa folks deplaned him saying he is intoxicated and can’t fly as per rules,” the eyewitness said, adding that the flight got delayed as Mann and his team’s luggage had to be taken out.

Mann Overboard Was the Punjab CM deplaned in Frankfurt for being drunk

The Hindu report cited an eyewitness saying that the Frankfurt-Delhi Lufthansa flight was already delayed by “three hours” because of a late inbound flight and an aircraft change.

The eyewitness said further that the flight got delayed even more because of a heated exchange between some passengers and the cabin crew. “A person donning a white kurta-pyjama and resembling Punjab Chief Minister entered the aircraft along with other passengers… after some time four or five of them left the aircraft,” the report quoted the eyewitness saying.

The flight was scheduled to depart at 1:40 pm local time and took off at 4:30 PM.

However, AAP Chief Spokesperson Malwinder Singh Kang said, “The dirty tricks department of our political opponents is spreading these canards to defame our chief minister. They cannot digest that Chief Minister Mann is working hard to get investment in Punjab. The chief minister is returning as per schedule. He was to land here on Sunday night, and he has already landed in Delhi.”

in Frankfurt

Punjab Chief Minister started his visit on 11 September to attract investments and strategic tie-ups in sectors including renewable energy, car manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and advanced agricultural practices. He had held meetings with leading companies like BMW and was scheduled to visit Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin.

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