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Wankhede writes to Mumbai top cop seeking protection from legal action

Without naming Malik, Wankhede said a threat of jail and dismissal had been issued against him by 'highly respectable public functionaries'


Sameer Wankhede, the zone director of the Narcotics Control Bureau Mumbai, has written to the commissioner of Mumbai Police, seeking protection from precipitate legal action against him, framing him falsely. The letter coincides with a witness in the Aryan Khan case filing an affidavit that levelled several allegations against Wankhede and NCB, including getting his signature on blank papers.

The arrest of actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in connection with a cruise rave party early this month has become a politically sensitive issue with the Maharashtra government questioning NCB’s actions against Bollywood personalities while drugs of much more quantity are being recovered from elsewhere in the country.

The affidavit of Prabhakar Rohoji Sail, the former driver and bodyguard of private investigator KP Gosavi, brings forth gravest charges against Sameer Wankhede as Prabhakar indicated that “NCB official demanded Rs 25 crore from Shah Rukh Khan to release his Aryan Khan”. Sail claimed he heard KP Gosavi telling some D’Souza over the about a demand of Rs 25 crore and to settle at Rs 18 crore as they “have to give Rs eight crore to Sameer Wankhede”.

While Wankhede has refuted these allegations, the central agency has issued a statement saying that the witness needs to submit his prayer to the court instead of social media as the matter is sub judice. “…there are certain vigilance-related allegations against certain persons in the affidavit which are based on overhearing,” the NCB said referring to the purported Rs 25 crore conversation.

As part of his continuous jibe at the NCB, Maharashtra Minority Development Minister Nawab Malik recently threatened Wankhede in a public address and said that the NCB officer would be put behind the bars. Without naming the minister, Wankhede wrote in his letter that the threat of jail and dismissal have been issued against him on public media by highly respectable public functionaries.

“Hence, you are requested to kindly ensure that no such precipitate legal action is carried out to frame the undersigned falsely with ulterior motives,” Wankhede wrote.

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