Saturday 16 January 2021
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Vinay Sharma claims to have swallowed a pin in another bid to escape gallows

Earlier, Vinay Sharma had banged his head on the cell wall and then tried to fracture his arms by entangling them around the iron grills

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Crime Vinay Sharma claims to have swallowed a pin in another bid to...

Convicted of gang-rape with accomplices and facing execution, Vinay Sharma in Tihar Jail is trying every trick that crosses his mind to escape the noose. He is trying to somehow get certified as unfit to be hanged on account of his health condition. After banging his head on the wall of his cell and then trying to break his arms by entangling them around the iron grills of the prison, he sent on the jail authorities on a tailspin on Friday, claiming he had swallowed a pin and that blood was coming out of his mouth.

Senior prison officials were informed immediately about the incident. After this, he was medically examined and x-rayed.

Vinay’s claim proved wrong in the report.

Prison officials now say the four convicts are perfectly healthy.

According to the death warrant, Nirbhaya case convicts are to be hanged on 3 March. While all the four guilty have lost sleep over it, Vinay appears the most restless and desperate of them all to somehow beat his fate. He is constantly trying to turn unfit to be hanged.

A few days ago, Vinay had tried to harm himself by banging his head on the cell wall. Then he twisted his hands by wrapping his arms around the prison grill. Now he claims to have swallowed a pin.

According to jail sources, the convicts know that they can be hanged only when they are physically and mentally healthy. If they are declared unwell in the medical report, their execution may be postponed. The guilty are trying to take advantage of this.

The jail authorities say that all the convicts are completely healthy. Doctors are studying their medical condition every day. A psychologist is counselling them simultaneously.

Vinay Sharma, Mukesh Singh and Akshay Thakur have exhausted their legal recourses to delay the execution. Pawan Gupta did not apply for presidential clemency within the time the Supreme Court had given the four convicts to exhaust their options.

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