Wednesday 8 December 2021
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Vikas Singh: Sushant was never depressed, had anxiety

Taking on the ‘malicious’ campaigns by certain TV channels — while many newspapers and news websites did it too — to project actor Sushant Singh  as mentally unstable, his father KK Singh’s lawyer Vikas Singh has said that the family was not aware of any such psychological issues. Vikas Singh referred to the leaked chat messages that suggested that the family was aware of Sushant’s alleged depression and even took it upon themselves to find medication for him.

“The family only knew that he was prone to ‘ghabrāhat’ (anxiety),” Vikas Singh said in a press conference on 2 August, emphasising that his reported girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty was behind whatever psychological problems that the actor might have had. “The family never accepted that he was suffering from depression. His mental health deteriorated after Rhea Chakraborty entered his life,” he said.

Commenting on leaked WhatsApp conversations that suggested that Sushant’s sisters were familiar with his ‘psychological problems’, and arranged for him to get medicines on 8 June, the lawyer said, “This medicine is for anxiety. Check with any psychiatrist. Anxiety is mentioned in the FIR.”

Rhea’s lawyer, Satish Maneshinde, had previously told The Quint that it was illegal for Sushant’s sisters to have gotten him a prescription without an in-person consultation with a doctor. Readers may recall that Sirf News had exposed one of the psychologists who had ‘diagnosed’ Sushant. She turned out to be a humanities stream graduate who did not have the authority or licence to diagnose patients.

Commenting on Rhea’s recent claims that Sushant had told her about having a depressive episode in 2013, Vikas Singh said that it might have been a ‘chhota mota (small) incident’, but that doesn’t prove that the actor was suffering from depression.

The lawyer said, “Sushant had no life insurance policy. It is an effort to spread false news. If this doesn’t stop after today, we will take legal action against the channels that run these stories.” He added, “No film, no TV series, no book can be made without the written of Sushant’s family. The family has decided that if anyone wants to pursue such projects even after today, then they will be given legal notices.”

Sushant died on 14 June going by Mumbai Police’s version while some detectives suspect he was killed in the night of 13 June. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the Narcotics Control Bureau and the Enforcement Directorate are investigating different aspects of the incident.


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