Saturday 21 May 2022
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Vidyut Pravaah App will empower citizens to demand 24×7 power from States: Goyal

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New Delhi: Minister of State (IC) for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy Piyush Goyal launched a mobile application ‘Vidyut PRAVAH- Electricity, Price Availability and Highlights’” at a function here today. The mobile application provides highlights of the power availability in the country on real time basis.

The Web-Mobile App provides a wealth of information pertaining to the current demand met, shortages if any, surplus power available and the prices in the Power Exchange. The real time data and comparison with previous day or previous year data is also available. Data from multiple sources, including the States and Power Exchanges, has been made available through a single portal for convenience of all.

An user friendly interface, based on the geographical of India, facilitates all the consumers and stakeholders in visualization of the power availability and prices at the overall country level and at States and UTs level. The information disseminated through the application will empower the consumer, thereby leading all the stakeholders to be more responsive and efficient, bringing more economy to the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Piyush Goyal said that the app will empower common people to demand 24X7 power from the states. He further said that this application will take transparency to the next level and make state governments more accountable. The Minister added that this app will work as manifestation of Prime Minister’s vision of good governance via inculcating transparency in the system and will put pressure on power producers across the country. Referring to the need of monitoring of the government functioning, Goyal said that we welcome the probity and public scrutiny of our working .

Piyush Goyal also interacted with power secretaries of several states and Union Territories via video conferencing at the event. The Power Secretaries appreciated Central Government’s initiative for bringing transparency. Few gave valuable suggestions for enhancing the features of mobile application like adding renewable power obligation and window for power surplus states for selling excess power to the mobile application.

On the occasion, the Minister felicitated Ritu Bhatnagar from Banglore for providing ‘Vidyut PRAVAH- name for the mobile application. For adopting name of mobile application, Ministry of Power held a competition on More than 1600 entries were received, out of which the best caption is selected as name of the application. Piyush Goyal felicitated  Ritu Bhatnagar from Bangalore for winning the competition and providing “Vidyut PRAVAH” name to the application.

The Web application can be accessed through The mobile version will be freely available for download from Google Playstore.


The Vidyut PRAVAH mobile application will provide date pertaining to price of power from power exchange, value of current all India demand in GW and all India and State shortage including peak hour and total energy shortage.

An all India Power will showcase surplus power available at power exchange in current block, average clearing price, current and previous day demand met at national level and previous day peak hour demand shortage and energy shortage etc. The State specific page will show the similar information of selected state.

The main features include dashboard for all India summary, link for each states from All India Map, and state specific pages on single click.


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