Video showing BJP MLA kick woman leader of NCP goes viral

While legislator Balram Thawani says he accepts his mistake and is sorry for it, NCP ward head Nitu Tejwani says she has been humiliated


Ahmedabad/New Delhi: A video of BJP MLA Balram Thawani has gone viral, showing him kick a woman from Naroda in Ahmedabad. The woman, Nitu Tejwani, is in charge of the NCP in the ward. She had reportedly called on the legislator to complain about a pipeline in her area through which the water supply had been stopped.

An altercation followed the complaint, after which Thawani kicked Tejwani. The BJP MLA has clarified that he did kick the woman but in self-defence. However, as pressure on him by the party leadership mounted, he apologised for his action.

Reportedly, Tejwani complained that her neighbourhood was not given a two-day notice before the water supply was snapped. She threatened to call a sit-in strike if this norm was not followed.

The controversy started with when the BJP MLA’s brother and local councillor Kishore Thawani blocked the pipeline in the illegal colony near Maya Cinema last week. According to local reports, when Kishore saw a man shooting his action with his camera phone, he asked the onlooker to stop shooting. When the man did not stop, a scuffle followed.

Thawani has not denied this incident. He said, “I had no intention of doing this, but their group pushed me. While trying to protect myself, I accidentally kicked the woman.”

It is clear from the video that a man in a saffron kurta is kicking Tejwani. Apart from Thawani, a person in a white kurta also appears slapping the woman.

After the video went viral, the MLA said that the woman leader had approached her with a pre-meditated idea of a quarrel. “I made a mistake and I am accepting it. I apologise to the woman,” Thawani said.

Tejwani said, “I went to the MLA to ask for a two-day notice for cutting the supply lines of water. But soon, Thawani and his men forced us out. We got slapped. Some people came with hockey sticks. I felt very humiliated.”

The police said they did not receive any formal complaint in this regard so far.