Saturday 6 March 2021
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Vested Interests Driving A Wedge Between Patriots?

A patriotic thinker links an officer with Robert Vadra, threatening to damage his career, while the cop played exposed several of UPA's scams


It so happens sometimes that an awkward political statement comes from the most unexpected of quarters. In what seems to be a thought-out plan by a lobby to discredit a police officer and harm his career, Prof R Vaidyanathan, otherwise identified as a patriotic thinker, has tweeted that IPS Himanshu Lal is a “Vadra man” who was “shunted out from ED to Odisha for sabotaging National Herald case” whereas the antecedents of the said officer that Sirf News has learnt from the law-enforcement agency tells a story to the contrary.

While Vaidyanathan has offered no evidence to corroborate the aspersion cast on the integrity of the officer, it’s possible he has been misled. The urge to be sensational on social media cannot get the better of an erudite, seasoned personality like him.

Sources told Sirf News that IPS Himanshu Lal was the officer who had pointed our irregularities in the AgustaWestland deal, which led to the probe into the scam.

Taking serious exception to the allegation by Vaidyanathan, several people have tweeted, asking for substantiation of the charge, but since his tweet posted at 12:05 PM on 15 June, the professor has posted no evidence or eyewitness testimony in support of Lal’s alleged association with the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi.

Sources told Sirf News that a once-powerful vested interest, who used to be at loggerheads with Lal when the former served in the force, heads the lobby or is a powerful operator therein.

While Lal went about exposing other scams of the UPA regime such as the 2G spectrum scam and coal block scam, the vested interest would be ill at ease, sources said, for all the credit going to his bugbear in the department.

Lal was moved to Odisha for his patriotic credentials, said sources in the department, for which he was seen as a fit candidate to lead the fight against Maoist terrorists in the state. “That was the reason for his transfer,” a source said, “adding it was no way a punishment posting.”

Singham of Odisha: Power cop who hoisted tricolour in Maoist area ...
Himanshu Lal, IPS

Also credited for exposing the Rajasthan ambulance scam by Karti Chidambaram — son of UPA-era home and finance minister P Chidambaram and part of a family that is under investigation for the Aircel-Maxis deal and the INX Media case — vested interests are targeting Lal because he has moved to Delhi to take up the charge of the cabinet secretary, said sources in the security establishment.

Senior IPS officer, Himanshu Kumar Lal, DIG of Police (northern range), Sambalpur had been deputed to the union government as Class I Executive Cadre of the Cabinet Secretariat in New Delhi for four years early in June.

Whoever Vaidyanathan has received the misleading ‘scoop’ from, it behoves his stature as a patriot to probe that person’s credentials. Such unfortunate discordant notes from people who must be seen striving to build the nation with like-minded forces must stop surfacing at this alarming frequency.

Sourav Mishra
Sourav Mishra
Country Head at Panda Security, past life regression therapist

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Sourav Mishra
Sourav Mishra
Country Head at Panda Security, past life regression therapist


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