Sunday 26 September 2021
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Vaccination completion must to buy liquor in Tamil Nadu district

Besides the vaccination certificates, customers will have to submit their Aadhaar cards to purchase liquor from the TASMAC outlets

In order to ensure all citizens in District Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu are inoculated, authorities have made it compulsory for those who want to buy liquor in state-run TASMAC outlets to produce vaccination certificates to show that they have taken both doses of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine. Nilgiris is the first district to come up with such a measure in Tamil Nadu.

The began on 1 September. Customers now have to produce their vaccination certificates, showing they have taken both doses of the Covid vaccine, officials said.

“We have almost covered 97% of our eligible population. The authorities are conducting door-to-door vaccination programmes. Some people who are alcoholics were not ready to take vaccines because there was this report initially that once you take vaccine you cannot consume alcohol for two or three days. This interrupted our goal of achieving 100% vaccination in the district. So to increase more vaccination coverage, we have come up with this announcement. People who have been administered at least one dose of vaccine can get the liquor from the shop. They just need to show the SRF ID on their phone to the person in charge of the store”, District Collector and District Magistrate Innocent Divya said.

“Full vaccination should be a prerequisite if it is absolutely essential to attend a gathering,” ICMR Director-General Dr Balram Bhargava said.

He said vaccines prevent severe forms of the disease and death while stressing the need for wearing masks even after vaccination.

Niti Aayog member (Health) Dr VK Paul urged people to be careful particularly in the context of the upcoming festivals and changes in weather.

“Therefore, it is a very strong plea to all of us that even as we accelerate the vaccination programme and embrace the vaccines. precautions must continue and must intensify.

“The occasion to not wear a mask has not come yet, the festivals like last year have to be celebrated differently. We would need to wait longer for the way we used to celebrate festivals with vigour,” he said.

This move is part of a to vaccinate all residents, Divya said on 2 September. Stating that almost 97% of the district’s population has been administered the vaccine doses, she said that the administration wants all citizens to take the second jab and came up with the idea to reach the target.

Besides the vaccination certificates, customers will have to submit their cards to purchase liquor from the TASMAC outlets.

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