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Uttarakhand minister sends copy of Ramayana to Xi Jinping

Maharaj had made a statement last week about rethinking tourism related projects in Uttarakhand that involve the role of Chinese companies


Uttarakhand tourism minister Satpal Maharaj has sent a copy of epic Ramayana to Xi Jinping to remind him that ‘expansionist’ thinking begets bad results. Maharaj, speaking to the media in Dehradun, said, “I am sending this scripture to honourable President of Xi Jinping. I would request him to study the Ramayana and see what happened to Ravana who has intelligence and power second to none.”

The minister said further that the president of should bear in mind that the expansionist attitude would bring destruction. The minister said, “Ravana is said to have ten heads which means he was as intelligent and powerful as 10 men but his end was unfortunate due to his expansionist thinking.”

“I would also request him and the Chinese people to spend their money to fight this COVID-19 epidemic and not use in increment of their defence yo fight others,” the minister added. Maharaj went on further to add that under Jingping has escalated border disputes with the Philippines, Russia, India and many other countries.

“The COVID-19 virus which originated in Wuhan of has spread to almost every corner of the world. I wish he would have helped everybody instead of getting involved in border disputes,” said the BJP MLA from Chaubttakhal assembly of Pauri Garhwal district.

The minister, elaborating on the scripture, said that the Ramayana described in detail the end of a mighty man like Ravana and everyone should learn from this.

Commenting on the findings of his investigation on the involvement on Chinese firms in tourism projects, Satpal Maharaj said that some firms have been found having links with the neighbouring country, but the matter will be sorted out by speaking to those firms.

“We found all the firms involved in Uttarakhand’s tourism projects were Indian. But some were linked with for certain raw materials. We will speak to them and clear the matter,” the minister added.

Maharaj had made a statement last week about rethinking tourism related projects in Uttarakhand that involve the role of Chinese companies for considering a ban following PM Narendra Modi’s announcement of banning Chinese apps.

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As a Free Speech absolutist I am not for banning any ad, or any standup comic or any film that mocks Hinduism or Hindu gods, but perhaps it is time for these shameless hypocrites and propagandists to append their creative work with the following statement, in bold:

কীভাবে সুরক্ষিত থাকবেন এই ভ্যারিয়্যান্টের হাত থেকে? জেনে নিন...

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@munawar0018 Nafrat jeet gayi?

Mocking Hindu Gods is comedy?

60 people being murdered by burning to death is a JOKE?

India is great & Indians are tolerant so only your insensitive shows are getting canceled

Write better jokes, don’t destroy the delicate secular fabric of our nation🙏🙏

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