Thursday 26 May 2022
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Uttar Pradesh Police on overdrive to contain crime in poll season

On 31 December 2021, Uttar Pradesh Police had shared the annual crime data, saying there was a decline in crime incidents like dacoity, loot, murder and rape

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In Banda of Uttar Pradesh, police have seized 28 kg of explosives and arrested three antisocial elements. The miscreants also had in their possession 195 fuses, 500 g of strings used in the making of crude bombs and a motorcycle.

During a night patrol, when the police intercepted these men, they were found carrying suspicious materials for which they could furnish no document of purchase or procurement.

The suspects are being interrogated in police custody. They have confessed that they had been pressed into service for spreading violence in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma had on 15 January alleged that there was “ease of doing crime” in the previous government, whereas the BJP facilitated the “ease of doing business”.

On 12 January, suspected Samajwadi Party workers opened fire at a member of the district panchayat, Bhupendra Shakya, in Kannauj of Uttar Pradesh. He somehow survived the attack. A team of policemen were then deployed to guard his house.

Shakya is the elected member of the local Ward No. 18 in Village Paraur of development unit Saurikh. Last Wednesday, he filed a complaint against Kumar Shakya, Annu Sharma, Dilip Pal and Rahul Yadav, the last of whom hails from Village Khanpur. He alleged that these people were exerting pressure on him to join the Samajwadi Party.

When Bhupendra Shakya refused, they threatened to kill him, he alleged. Last Wednesday, when he was on his way to Saurikh from Chhibramau, he was intercepted by the suspects, who were in a car, on the bridge over River Ishan. When the member did not stop, the suspects opened fire at him.

Bhupendra Shakya survived the attack and, on reaching Saurikh, reported the incident to the local BJP leaders. A case has been registered on the basis of his written complaint. Alleged audio recordings of people threatening him have, meanwhile, gone viral on social media.

Uttar Pradesh Police tried to chase the suspects but were not successful in tracking them. The inspector in charge of the case, Madan Gopal Gupta, could only say that Shakya’s case had been registered. He assured the press that the suspects would soon be arrested.

On 12 January again, a day after his resignation from the Uttar Pradesh government of Yogi Adityanath, BJP, an arrest warrant has been issued against Swami Prasad Maurya for a hate speech he allegedly made in 2014. The warrant was issued by a court in Sultanpur. Police had earlier asked Maurya to appear before the court, but he did not show up. On 12 January, he was ordered to present himself before the 24th.

Yesterday, sitting Samajwadi Party MLA from Kairana assembly constituency Nahid Hasan was sent to 14-day judicial custody by a special court after being arrested by police. Earlier, police had invoked the stringent Gangsters Act against Hasan.

The month of December 2021 was agog with news of income tax raids on — and recoveries from — businessmen allegedly associated with the Samajwadi Party.

has reduced in Uttar Pradesh, police claim

On the last day of last year, Uttar Pradesh Police shared the annual data of 2021 and said that there was a decline in crime incidents like dacoity, loot, murder and across the state.

Uttar Pradesh police additional director general (ADG) Prashant Kumar shared a press note stating that merely 72 dacoity incidents were reported in 2021 as compared to 120 such incidents in 2020, a 40% decline.

The ADG said there was a decline of 23% in loot cases as 1458 loot incidents were reported in 2021 in comparison to 1633 in 2020. The press note read that the state has witnessed around 11% decline in murder cases. A total of 3122 murders were reported in 2021 as compared to 3779 murders in 2020, the press note said.

The state saw a 17% decline in cases in 2021 (2,289 cases) as compared to 2,769 cases reported in 2020, the police report said.

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