Sunday 26 September 2021
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Uttar Pradesh Police ask AIMIM to remove posters mentioning as Faizabad

Seers in Uttar Pradesh have warned if is not mentioned in AIMIM posters, Owaisi's public meeting in the district would not be allowed

The Uttar Pradesh asked the All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) to remove posters mentioning Ayodhya as Faizabad. AIMIM workers put up posters referring to District Ayodhya as Faizabad before party president Asaduddin Owaisi’s visit.

Owaisi began a three-day visit to Uttar Pradesh from Ayodhya today.

The posters have drawn the ire of seers who have raised objections to Ayodhya’s former name, Faizabad, being used in the banners and termed it an “anti-Hindutva” move.

In Ayodhya, the AIMIM chief is scheduled to visit the mausoleum of 18th-century Sufi Sheikh Aalam Makhdoom Zada in Rudauli and hold a public meeting in the vicinity of the shrine.

The seers warned that if Ayodhya was not mentioned in the posters, then Owaisi’s public meeting in the district would not be allowed.

“Ayodhya should not be called Faizabad The district’s new name ‘Ayodhya’ is registered in government records,” Mahant Raju Das of Garhi temple told the media.

The Uttar Pradesh government had renamed the Faizabad division Ayodhya in November 2018.

Reacting to the objections raised by the seers, the AIMIM’s district president Shahnawaz Siddiqui said Ayodhya was earlier called Faizabad and people would take to get used to the change.

“Both names are mentioned in the poster. It doesn’t matter what name we write, this is not the subject to make an issue,” Siddiqui said.

The AIMIM chief will hold public meetings in Sultanpur and Barabanki on 8 and 9 September respectively.  

On 2 September, Owaisi told reporters in Hyderabad that his three-day visit to UP is just the beginning and he would go to many places in the state as Assembly elections are approaching.

“We have to meet people. We have to go near people. We have to strengthen our cadre, get our candidates elected in the Uttar Pradesh assembly election and defeat the Yogi (Adityanath) government,” he had said.

Uttar Pradesh is set to go to the polls early next year.

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