Monday 18 October 2021
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Uttar Pradesh madrassa products can now join army

Students of Islamic seminaries of Uttar Pradesh will be able to apply for government jobs and go for higher education in Middle Eastern countries as well


The Uttar Pradesh government has made students studying in about 17,000 madrassas in the state eligible for jobs in the Indian Army. Now the students of these Islamic schools will be able to enrol in other services as well. They will now be able to get admission to higher institutions overseas too.

Uttar Pradesh Madrassa Board is now going to register in the Council of Boards of School Education (COBSE). In the absence of this registration, the students of madrassas were so far not able to apply for jobs of the union and state governments. Post-registration, the madrassa board will get the legality at both national and international levels. The scope for career explorations for the students of Islamic seminaries in Uttar Pradesh will widen.

COBSE is an independent organisation recognized by the union government. The school boards of states are affiliated with it too.

COBSE was registered as an organisation in 1979. It is the authority to register boards of states. Registration in COBSE will not only make it easier for the students of Madrassa Board to apply for jobs in the union and other state governments but also open up new avenues for them in the field of education and, subsequently, employment.

The madrassa board was formed in 2007 under the Uttar Pradesh Madrassa Council Bill 2004 and passed by the legislative assembly of the state. Under the act, the Government of Uttar Pradesh made the Official Arabic and Persian Recognition Administration and Service Regulations 2016. This led to the operation and of madrassas in the state.

Mark sheets and certificates of secondary and Senior Secondary of Madrassa Board are recognised for higher and employment in the state, but due to non-registration in COBSE, the Muslim students were unable to apply for jobs outside the state.

The Uttar Pradesh Madrassa Council in its board decided to seek recognition from COBSE. Board’s registrar RP Singh has applied for this recognition after completing the formalities. He has sent the details of the 2004 law, Service Rules 2016 and syllabi along with the application.

After getting recognition from COBSE, the importance of the certificate of the Madrassa Board will increase further.


  • Students of Islamic seminaries of Uttar Pradesh will be able to apply for recruitments of union government and other states
  • Avenues of employment will open up, which includes jobs in the army and paramilitary forces
  • Verification of mark sheets and certificates of UP madrassas will become easy
  • The madrassas of Uttar Pradesh will get validity at an all-India level
  • The students from these Islamic seminaries will find it easier to pursue higher studies in Gulf countries too.

Madrassa in Uttar Pradesh at a glance

  • Number of recognised madrassas: 16,500
  • Aaliyah or higher-level madrassas: 3152
  • Number of students passing secondary and senior secondary per year: 1.5 lakh
  • Total number of students studying in madrassas: 18 lakhs

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