Wednesday 8 February 2023
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EntertainmentUsage of explicit language in my films not deliberate: Kashyap

Usage of explicit language in my films not deliberate: Kashyap

Jaipur: Filmmaker today said that people may see many things happening in daily life but when the same is presented in a film then it is criticised.

On a question from the audience that why he uses abusive terms in films, the filmmaker pointed out that it is not used deliberately but are set in a natural way.

“Abuses are not deliberately used in my films. I let things happen in natural and organic way. I have tried for the first time that no such thing should be there in the film Mukkabaaz,” he said.

“We have become like this that we can see and hear such things in our routine life but not in film, as if the entire burden of the on films. Many things may happen in the country but if they are screened in cinema, then the society will be ruined,” he added.

Kashyap, who has been credited as a director, producer, writer and actor, said that his epic two-part film Gangs of Wasseypur was life changing films for him.

“The very source of this film was Italian film Best of Youth. Gangs of Wasseypur came to me at a time when I wanted to explore more,” he said, adding, that the film showed the changing political narrative of the country.

He said what he cannot say through narrative or dialogues in the film, he then expresses through songs.

Kashyap said he draws motivation from people like Ram Gopal Varma, who do not stop and continue with for their work while being unfazed by others.

Kashyap also shared with audience his life journey in the film industry.

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