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US asks Pakistan: Why worry about Muslims in Kashmir alone, why not in China?

The US acting assistant secretary of state for south and central Asia threw this loaded question at Pakistan when its premier Imran Khan is yet to speak at the UNGA while India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already called for a united international fight against terrorism



The US has shocked Pakistan by asking a question, the answer to which is obvious. Trying to internationalise the Kashmir issue, Pakistan was asked on Thursday why it was concerned about the Muslims of Kashmir alone. The US asked it had no concern for the Muslims of China.

The US told the Islamic state that the human rights condition of Muslims in the whole of China in general and the Xinjiang province in particular was “terrible”.

US Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Alice Wells criticised Pakistan while addressing the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations. She questioned Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for not raising his voice against China. Wells said that about one million Muslims were imprisoned in China’s Xinjiang province, but the Islamic country never raised that issue.

Because China is an all-weather ally of Pakistan

China is an evergreen friend of Pakistan. China often comes to the rescue of Pakistan on international forums. Be it the case of the 26/11 attack on Mumbai or the question of an international ban on Masood Azhar, the honcho of Pakistan-sponsored Jaish-e-Mohammed, China has helped the Islamic state internationally. Pakistan’s economic condition is dismal and China is helping it financially.

Wells said she wanted to see the same level of concern for the Muslims who have been imprisoned in western China. She said the Muslims of China were in a condition similar to that of inmates of a concentration camp. “Since you are deeply concerned about the human rights of Muslims in Kashmir, this concern demands further expansion,” she said.

Wells said that during the UNGA meet, Pakistan had seen how the administration in the United States worked, how the US was trying to sensitise the world to the appalling conditions prevailing for Muslims all over China.

Significantly, this statement of Wells has come when Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is yet to address the General Assembly while India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already called for a united international fight against terrorism. Imran Khan has made it clear that he will raise the issue of Kashmir in his address.


At UNGA, PM Modi exhorts global community to fight terrorism unitedly


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