Sunday 19 September 2021
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Urfi Javed physically abused by father for 2 years

It's a double whammy for Urfi Javed whom Muslims hate for her 'revealing' outfits and frank sharing of the story of her father's monstrosity

Urfi Javed who had become a household name, thanks to her brief Bigg Boss OTT appearance, is in the eye of a storm, drawing criticism from the Islamic community due to her scantily-clad public appearance and also for making a dark secret of her public that her father used to sexually abuse her. Recently, a picture of Urfi went viral, where she is seen in denim trousers and a jacket at an airport. Muslims on social media did not like the fact that the jacket was “short” and her sports bra under the jacket was leaving little to the imagination.

Urfi had previously made news headlines when some people gossiped she was a distant relative of Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar while his wife and actress Shabana Azmi tweeted to deny any such relation.

This time, the pictures of Urfi in the revealing outfit went viral and enraged several members of her community. Urfi claims that the community is mad at her, with many demanding that leave Islam. She alleged that the community was meting out a hostile treatment to her because of her lifestyle, which she does not want to change.

Speaking to reporters, Urfi said that every time she would upload her photograph on social media, many from her community would troll her for her outfits and some shame her for wearing revealing outfits despite being a Muslim. Many question her religiosity in the comment section, she said. There have even been disturbing comments that she should be raped on the streets, alleges Urfi.

Many a time, hateful trolls have threatened her, saying they would get a fatwa issued against her for her choice of clothes, Urfi said. “Why are people hounding me when I have not hurt anyone,” she questions, asserting that she stays unfrazzled by such hate and threats. She further adds that she will never change her religion and will not change her wardrobe style either.

“There is an image about women and they are expected to live up to that image. They get all riled up by seeing me sporting a bikini. The entire community is enraged at me. But I am a girl that lives by my own decisions,” she said.

'Bigg Boss OTT’: Urfi Javed reveals she was called a ‘porn actress’, was abused by father

Talking of her personal life, Urfi shocked many by saying she used to be mentally and physically abused by her father for two years while she was a teen. The abuse started after her pictures were uploaded on an adult site and her own family shamed her. “I was not even in college, I was in the 11th standard,” she told RJ Siddharth Kannan. She said, “It was tough because I didn’t have my family’s support. My family blamed me, I was victim-blamed. My relatives went so far as to call me a porn star. They wanted me to check my bank account, expecting to find crores. My father was physically and mentally abusive, and that torture lasted two years. I couldn’t remember my own name; people said such nasty things about me. No girl should go through what I went through.”

“Even when my father victim-blamed me, I was not allowed to say anything, all I could do was suffer their torture, I was always told that girls don’t have a voice, that only men are allowed to make decisions. I didn’t know I had a voice, but when I left my house, it took me so long just to survive. Now, my personality is coming out and I’m not going to stop,” she said.

In another interview, she described how she escaped her father’s abuse by running away from home “I then ran away from the house with my two sisters, leaving behind my mother and two other siblings, and stayed in a park for a week in Delhi. Then we three started looking for jobs. I thankfully got a job in a call centre. Soon after that, my father got remarried and then the responsibility of the family was entirely on my sister and me.”

Urfi Javed played the character Avni in ALT Balaji’s Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania, of Aarti in Meri Durga, of Bella in Bepannaah, and Mira in Puncch Beat Season 2. 

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