Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaUPA-era DRDO chief: Congress scuttled Mission Shakti

UPA-era DRDO chief: Congress scuttled Mission Shakti

Former DRDO chief VK Saraswat has busted the allegation by the Congress that PM Modi had asked the scientists to time Mission Shakti just before the general election

[pullquote]1. UPA-era DRDO chief VK Saraswat had presented the proposal of Mission Shakti before the UPA government in 2012

2. Saraswat feels the Manmohan Singh government was too scared to approve the proposed project

3. The former DRDO chief says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi never asked the department to carry out the test of the satellite-killing missile just before the election[/pullquote]

New Delhi: In a sensational development hours after the successful trial of India’s satellite killer missile A-SAT, former DRDO chief VK Saraswat accused the Congress-led UPA government of cold-shouldering the proposal of a joint project by his organisation and the Indian Space Research Organisation that finally created the marvel tested on Wednesday.

Saraswat said, “We made presentations to the national security adviser and National Security Council. When such discussions were held, they were heard by all concerned.”

“Unfortunately,” Saraswat said about his experience of pushing the programme during the UPA years, “We did not get a positive response. So, we didn’t go ahead.”

In the meantime, Congress claimed on the one hand that the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru must be credited for Mission Shakti and, on the other, accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of deliberately choosing the timing of an announcement of the A-SAT missile right ahead of the 2019 polls.

Busting the Congress allegation, the former DRDO chief said that the current Prime Minister had “never set a deadline”. Saraswat said Modi had told the scientists “that we launch when we are ready”.

According to Saraswat, he had presented the proposal of the missile before the UPA government in 2012. The presentation exuded DRDO’s confidence that it could make the weapon.

“A-SAT missile test was not allowed earlier,” Saraswat told a news on Wednesday.

Saraswat suspects, the Manmohan Singh government was gripped by a “fear psychosis”, which prevented it from giving the DRDO a green signal. 

“The clearance was given to the DRDO by this (Modi) government. Such kind of courage was not present in the previous government,” the UPA-era DRDO chief said to the channel.

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