Sunday 24 October 2021
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UP: University bars students from campus on Valentine’s Day


Lucknow: The University (LU) has warned of disciplinary action against students found “sitting or roaming” on its campus on Valentine’s Day tomorrow, when the varsity has announced a holiday on account of Mahashivratri festival.

An ‘advisory’ issued by LU Vinod Singh also urged the parents not to send their wards to the university on 14 February.

“It has been seen in the past years that some students, influenced by western culture, celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14 February,” it said.

“We want to inform all students of the university that both the campuses of the university will remain closed on account of Mahashivratri and no extra classes, practicals cultural programme will be held,” the advisory said, adding the students should not come to the university campus tomorrow.

“We all appeal the parents of the students no to send their wards to the university. Disciplinary action will be taken against those found sitting or roaming on the campus,” Singh said in the advisory dated 10 February.

Valentine’s Day, also called  Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on 14 February. Originating as a western Christian feast day honouring one or two early saints named  Valentinus, Valentine’s Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.

Martyrdom stories associated with various Valentines connected to 14 February are presented in martyrologies including a written account of Valentine of Rome’s imprisonment for performing weddings for soldiers, who were forbidden to marry, and for ministering to Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire. According to legend, during his imprisonment, Saint Valentine restored sight to the blind daughter of his judge, and before his execution, he wrote her a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell


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