Thursday 9 December 2021
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UP Police treats Atique Ahmed, gangster-turned-politician, like VVIP

The Supreme Court had ordered on 23 April the transfer of Atique Ahmed to another prison; a businessman had been kidnapped to secure his release

Ahmedabad: On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call during his last tenure, his colleagues, IAS officers, judges and the -abiding but feudal citizens of the country may have shunned their VVIP culture, but gangsters haven’t. A shocking attitude of a character of the type came to light on Monday when Atique Ahmed, a Mafia henchman, was taken from the jail of Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh to the Ahmedabad jail.

The police of the two States had the information that Atique Ahmed was being transferred from one prison to another. Defying the higher authorities, the Uttar Pradesh Police took him along from the Naini Jail of Prayagraj to Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Central Jail in a manner as though he were a VVIP.

Hosts of policemen accompanied the gangster in a manner as though they were escorting a VVIP.

On the way, though, Atique Ahmed, with a stack of notes of denomination Rs 2,000 visible through the pocket of his white kurta, was stopped. Ahmed then asked for a VVIP treatment in the flight.

To justify the cash, Atique Ahmed made an excuse that he was ill for which, he said, he needed the money for treatment.

Meanwhile, before Atique Ahmed reached the Ahmedabad airport, additional home secretary MA Tiwari had visited the Sabarmati jail.

Gangster Atique Ahmad descended from SpiceJet’s aircraft SG-972 at the Sardar Patel Airport, Ahmedabad, on Monday morning and greeted people with an air of a celebrity. There was a large number of his relatives and companions in the same flight from Uttar Pradesh, which the police of that State had strangely allowed.

These relatives and friends of the gangster went all the way with him up to the Sardar Patel Airport. Gujarat Police personnel were just waiting to take over the reins.

During the movement by road, a colleague of Atique garlanded him defying the presence of a heavy police force. The police took it away and kept it in their van.

It may be recalled that the Supreme Court had ordered on 23 April Atique Ahmed’s transfer to another prison as his operatives had kidnapped a businessman to secure his release.

At the Sabarmati Jail, jailer MK Nayak said that Atique Ahmed would be kept as a normal prisoner and that he would not be given any special facility.

For security reasons, jail officials provided no further information to the journalists unlike in Uttar Pradesh where reporters on the beat often take advantage of their acquaintance with the jail authorities.

On arrival, Atique Ahmed asked the Sabarmati Jail administration for some private medical facilities to treat his illness. The jail administration said he could be given medical help no more than what the jail rules permit.

Notably, the Uttar Pradesh government is spending about Rs 1,00,000 every month for the gangster’s food and other arrangements. It has sent the first instalment of Rs 3 lakh to the Gujarat government.

Atique Ahmed is accused of killing Raju Pal, a BSP MLA. Ahmed has dozens of cases of heinous crimes including murder and kidnapping registered against his name. He allegedly committed these crimes in different places of Prayagraj.


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