Sunday 26 June 2022
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Unrest in Bengal delays release of 12 Nepali books in Gangtok

New Delhi: Amid protests in West Bengal’s Darjeeling Hill area by Gorkha people, the Union Human Resource Development Ministry’s plan to release 12 books in the Nepali language in Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, has been shelved for the time being. National Book Trust Chairman Baldev Bhai Sharma, Sikkim HRD Minister Narendra Kumar Pradhan and Sikkim Sahitya Akademi chief were slated to participate in the programme.

Sources in the ministry said that the project to publish books in Nepali was conceived in 2007 and a workshop for the purpose was also organised by the NBT in which Nepali authors and illustrators had participated. In this workshop, this plan was made, but somehow it got stuck midway. After 10 years, the ministry took up this project and got the books published. It wanted to release these in Sikkim as Nepali is the main language of Sikkim.

Sources in the ministry also said that some ministry officials were scheduled to meet representatives of the Sikkim Sahitya Akademi and leaders of the Gorkha Autonomous Council to look into the matter of promoting Nepali language and publishing some more good books in the Nepali language. The programme got delayed due to the prevailing tense situation in Darjeeling.

The unrest in Darjeeling in support of Gorkhaland is also supported by Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling. The books that are published by the NBT are mostly about children. These are published to imbibe cultivate morality, and values in children. The books in question were an attempt to make them understand Nepali language and culture.These books that are published with some good illustrators included: 1)

These books that are published with some good illustrations include

  1. Aama Chora
  2. Ghamandi Chichimera
  3. Dhan Bahadur Ke Soch
  4. Dewal Ghori
  5. Udyan Ko Samajhna
  6. Sathiko Samman Garo
  7. Piku
  8. Prabhati Bela Ko Sandesh
  9. Ritu Haro Ko Naam Yam a Panchak
  10. Mori Ra Jhinga
  11. Kag ra Koheli and
  12. Seti Farkera

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