Saturday 18 September 2021
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Unnao victim’s father wants Hyderabad-like ‘justice’

The father of the Unnao rape and burn victim said he was not looking for the harshest punishment of the culprits, 'just chase and shoot them'

The rape-and-burn victim, whom her tormentors out on bail tried to burn alive, died at the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi last night (6 December) after 40 hours of treatment failed to save her. After continuous deterioration in her health, the victim had been airlifted to Delhi late Thursday. The victim’s body will now be sent to via after the postmortem.

Dr Shalabh Kumar, head of the burn and plastic department of Safdarjung Hospital, said, “Despite our best efforts, the victim could not be saved. Her condition started deteriorating in the evening. She suffered a cardiac arrest at 11:10 PM. We started and tried our best to save her but she died at 11.40 PM, ” he said. The body of the victim has been sent for postmortem, he informed the press.

The rape and victim’s father, shocked by the news of his daughter’s death, said that the culprits should meet the kind of that was meted out to those accused of the Hyderabad gang rape.

The father said that his daughter’s culprits need not be punished severely. “Hyderabad-style punishment will do. Chase and shoot them. Or hang them,” he said.

But the victim’s sister, while saying the family did not get justice, said, “The perpetrators should be punished the harshest way possible. The police did not even write the report on time. Nobody has come here to meet us.”

The rape victim’s brother has demanded that the accused not be sentenced to anything less than death. The brother said, “I have nothing left to say. My sister is no longer with us. My only demand is that all the five accused should be punished with nothing less than execution.”

Breaking down while speaking to reporters, the brother said the family would have to bury the victim as their was “nothing left in the body to cremate”.

After the victim’s death in the hospital, her father said, “The accused were constantly threatening our family. They were abusing. They used to say they would kill, burn and ruin the whole family.”

accused under arrest

The rape victim (23) was set on fire by five people in the Bihar police station area of ​​ in the early hours of Thursday when she had just left for Rae Bareli to attend the hearing in a court of the case of her rape. All the five accused involved in the incident have been arrested.

The brother said the family would have to bury the victim as their was “nothing left in the body to cremate”.

The victim had complained at the police station that she had fallen for a person named Shivam Trivedi who then raped her by taking her to Rae Bareli. The victim had alleged that Trivedi had made her video using his device. He continued to rape her for days on end, threatening to make the video viral. The woman said that Shivam took her to many cities and raped her throughout. The victim pressed for marriage but Shivam did not agree. Another accused of burning the girl, who had come out on bail only a few days earlier, had raped her, too.

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