Monday 25 October 2021
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Unnao family offered compensation; UP Police still callous

While the family of the gang-rape and murder victim of Unnao was offered two houses, gun licence and a job, cops in the village turned away a victim of attempted rape


The members of the Unnao gang-rape victim cremated the deceased after the Uttar Pradesh government accepted all their demands. Accepting the demands of the of the Uttar Pradesh government, the victim’s father and brother will be given two prime houses separately. Commissioner Mukesh Meshram assured the victim’s sister she would get a job.

The Uttar Pradesh government has assured that adequate security arrangements will be made at the victim’s house. If the victim’s so wishes, a firearm licence will be given to one of them.

Uttar Pradesh Labour Minister Swami Prasad Maurya said, “The Samajwadi Party (SP) is politicising the death of the victim, which is condemnable. The BJP stands with the victim’s family.”

State minister Kamalrani said, “The is showing sympathy towards the rape today. It’s the same party that once used to justify rapes by saying ‘young boys make mistakes’. incidents have been highest under the SP government.”

The victim’s body was buried in the family’s farmland, some distance away from their house. Hundreds of villagers mourned the death.

No lesson learnt from Unnao

The sombre occasion notwithstanding, Uttar Pradesh Police continued to betray utter callousness elsewhere. A woman from Hindupur village, where the accused set the Unnao on fire, alleged on Saturday that the police refused to register her complaint of attempted rape. Police allegedly told the woman to report to them “when you are raped”!

At the police station, the cops allegedly told the woman, “ has not happened, when it does, come and complain.”

The woman said that a few months ago, three men from the village had tried to her. The woman said, “I was going to get my medicines from a store. Three men stopped me and tried to disrobe me. They also tried to rape me.”

The woman identified the accused. But when she reached the police to complain, the cops banished her and asked her to come after the rape.

The woman said that she had been visiting the police station for three months, but no one has noted down her complaint. The woman said, “After the incident, I called 1090 (women’s helpline) and they asked me to dial 100, but they again asked me to complain to the Unnao police about the matter.”

The woman alleged that the accused were threatening to kill her if she filed a complaint.

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