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UNHRC moving Indian Supreme Court unacceptable: MEA

The MEA snubbed the UNHRC and said India was a democratic country which operated on the basis of law, which the Supreme Court would appreciate


The United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India, alleging a pogrom, to which the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has responded, saying that no foreign party can interfere this way in India’s internal matters.

The Indian parliament-made Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has moved the world the questionable way, as agencies shape their beliefs based on the leftist media propaganda over the happenings in India following the legislation. While opposition parties in India are opposing this law, some countries of the world have raised objections too with the misplaced notion it’s an anti-Muslim law.

The on Tuesday said this country’s mission in Geneva had received information on Monday that the UNHRC had filed a petition on the issue of the CAA in the Supreme Court. Foreign Ministry spokesman said the amendment of the law was an internal issue of India and that Sansad had the power to enact this law.

“We strongly believe that no foreign party has any locus standi on issues pertaining to India’s sovereignty,” said.

UNHRC moving Indian Supreme Court unacceptable, says MEA

The government said in its statement that the CAA fulfilled all the values ​​the Constitution of India upheld. It fulfils the promise made during the partition made years ago by the country regarding human rights, the statement said.

The said India was a democratic country which operated on the basis of law. “We all have (the) utmost respect for and full trust in our independent judiciary,” the MEA said and asserted that the Supreme Court would deliver the verdict in favour of the government.

Among the countries that have expressed concern over the CAA are an unsure United States but a cocksure and Pakistan. The has said in every statement that this was India’s internal matter and no external country should interfere in it.

Leftists and Muslims have moved the Supreme Court in hordes against the CAA. The Supreme Court is still hearing the cases.

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