Sunday 4 December 2022
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PoliticsWorldUnderstanding US midterm elections 2022, impact of results on Donald Trump

Understanding US midterm elections 2022, impact of results on Donald Trump

Also explained: Why and when are these polls held? What impact will the results of the US midterm elections 2022 have on American policy and Donald Trump's politics?

A midterm elections in the United States happens when the tenure of the ends. This election is different from by-elections held in India when an incumbent MP or MLA dies ot is disqualified. The US midterm election is more like a Rajya Sabha election, with the difference that not all Rajya Sabha seats are up for elections simultaneously but the US House of Representatives may wholly go to polls somewhere in between two consecutive presidential elections.

Republicans were favoured to wrest control of the US away from President Joe Biden’s Democrats, based on early returns in yesterday’s midterm elections, although the prospects of a “red wave” appeared to have dimmed. With polls closed across most of the country, Republicans have unseated five Democratic representatives, Edison Research projected, the ‘cut-off’ number needed to capture a majority and cripple Biden’s legislative agenda.

Interesting contest in US midterm elections 1: Georgia

The contest between incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker for a US seat in Georgia remained too close to call early Wednesday, making a runoff on 6 December increasingly likely. The latest results in the race showed Warnock up on the former University of Georgia and National Football League football star 49.4% to 48.6%, with 97% of the votes counted.

Under Georgia law, a runoff between the two candidates with the most votes is required if no candidate reaches 50% support. Such a head-to-head election would be set for Dec. 6 after the officially certifies Tuesday’s results and finds a runoff is required.

Interesting contest 2: Nevada

Six-term Republican Representative Mark Amodei has defeated Elizabeth Mercedes Krause, as expected, in Nevada’s rural northern district where no Democrat has ever won.The second congressional district was considered the only safe seat for either party among the four in the western battleground of Nevada, where three incumbent Democrats faced stiff challenges. All three of those races were too early to call early today.

Interesting contest 3: Arizona

Arizona Senator Mark Kelly led his Republican rival, venture capitalist Blake Masters. The race that could determine which party controls the Senate.

The contest in Arizona is one of a handful of contests that Republicans targeted in their bid to take control of what is now a 50-50 Senate. It is a test of the inroads that Kelly and other Democrats have made in a once reliably dominated by Republicans and will offer clues about whether Democratic success here was an aberration during the Donald Trump presidency or an enduring phenomenon.

What impact will the results of these US midterm elections have on Donald Trump’s politics?

The results have been disappointing for Donald Trump, his supporters and all those who believed in his allegation that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. For weeks, Republicans predicted a “red wave” would carry them to power in Congress, as voters repudiated majority Democrats for failing to tame skyrocketing inflation and address worries about rising crime. The reality appeared far different early today. Rather than a wholesale rejection of President Joe Biden and his party, the results were far more mixed as returns from yesterday’s midterms trickled in.

Republicans who backed Donald Trump’s failed efforts to overturn the 2020 election lost key races to oversee elections in some competitive states, even as others remained positioned to take those offices in more conservative parts of the country.

Doug Mastriano, the GOP nominee for governor in Pennsylvania who was seen outside the US Capitol on 6 January 2021, insurrection and regularly communicated with Trump as the then-president tried to reverse his loss to Joe Biden, lost to Democrat Josh Shapiro on election night. The state’s governor appoints the secretary of state, who is the top voting official.

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