Monday 18 January 2021
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Uber to receive distress calls of passengers via WhatsApp

Uber has started a 24-hour security helpline to help customers during the journey with issues like car breakdown, dispute with driver etc

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Economy Business Uber to receive distress calls of passengers via WhatsApp

New Delhi: Taxi aggregator company Uber has started a 24-hour security helpline in the country. The company informed on Tuesday that on this helpline, customers can call at any time during the journey with issues such as car breakdown, some dispute with the driver, rudeness of the driver, etc. Previously, the company’s helpline had only the option of text messages. Now, complaints can be made through WhatsApp calls and the agent will attend the call of the hassled passenger/customer.

The Uber website says, “Uber is currently piloting a partnership with WhatsApp in select countries to send communications, such as customer support and account updates, via WhatsApp. To opt-in to receive these messages, enter your mobile number below. Please note that your WhatsApp number must match the mobile number on your Uber account to receive messages.”

Originally, the US company had said that this new security feature in its app enables customers to talk directly to the company’s security team. Keeping in mind the safety standards on its app, there is already an SOS button that helps customers connect with the police immediately in the case of an accident.

The helpline feature was undergoing experimental testing in Chandigarh since March. Now the company has launched the facility in its 40 Indian cities.

The company is already offering this facility in the US and Canada. The company said that this facility would be available initially in Hindi and English.

This service will not be available on Uber Lite.

“All our customers will now be able to use this helpline,” Pawan Vaish, the company’s head of central operations (travel) in India and South Asia, said in a press conference here. “You can call it at any time of the day or night. You can call it whenever you need during the journey,” he said.

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