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India Two suspected Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists arrested from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Two suspected Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists arrested from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

The two Kashmiris were fully aware of the Pulwama terror attack, suggest the video recovered from their mobile phones


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Saharanpur: Uttar Pradesh ATS has met with a big success in arresting two suspected terrorists from Jaish-e-Mohammad in Saharanpur.

Uttar Pradesh DGP OP Singh said, “Following intelligence inputs yesterday, our ATS wing from Saharanpur has arrested two suspected terrorists. They are from Kashmir and they belong to Jaish-e-Mohammed. Shahnawaz is from Kulgam while Aakib is from the Pulwama district. Two firearms and live cartridges have been recovered from them. ”

UP ATS raided Deoband and detained 11 Kashmiris for questioning. Two of these were arrested. The rest are still being interrogated.

The two Kashmiris were fully aware of the Pulwama terror attack. The video of all the terrorists, including those of Jaish-e-Mohammad, has been recovered from the mobile of one of the suspects. The information related to the terrorist attack has recovered by the ATS too.

Late last night, the ATS team detained the students of a madrassah (Islamic seminary) at the private hostel near Idgah in Deoband. Out of those taken into custody, two hail from Kashmir while five belong to Orissa. However, locals say 10 to 12 persons from different places have been detained for questioning.

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