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Two powerful landmines unearthed, defused in Telangana


Hyderabad: The today unearthed and defused two powerful allegedly planted by Maoists below a road in Telangana’s Bhupalpally district.

During road-checking, a team spotted a wire on the roadside between Abbaigudem and Aluvaka villages at around 4.30 am, Additional Superintendent of Police (Eturnagaram) Rahul Hegde said.

Suspecting it to be a landmine, the police immediately alerted the bomb disposal squad, which rushed to the spot, dug up the road and found two aluminium buckets filled with around 25 kgs of explosives along with detonators at a depth of nearly 1.5 metres, he said.

The bomb disposal squad later defused the landmines, he said. “They were powerful which could have blown up a bus, if detonated,” the official said.

Based on preliminary investigation, Hegde, who visited the spot, said the were suspected to have been planted by Maoists around one year ago to target the and VIP movement on the route.


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