Friday 1 July 2022
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Twitter stung: Employees confess medium is communist, censors conservatives

Employees of Twitter are largely or communist and those who aren’t become so after joining the organisation, some of them were heard saying in a operation that was conducted first on 28 April 2022. Some of the videos were shot in May, the ongoing month.

These workers were caught on camera saying they had to be like their colleagues in fear of losing the job. They said further that only conservative views are censored while the leftists get away with anything they want to tweet.

The content of the sting confirms former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s in 2018 that his employees were by and large leftist. The operation comes at a time when world’s richest businessman Elon Musk has bought the majority stakes in the company, which triggered a meltdown, with several celebrated leftists saying they were going to quit the medium.

A few of those caught on camera admitting to being communist and censoring right-wing content said they were going to leave Twitter, now that Musk is the owner of the company.

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