Turncoat makes Dwaraka BJP’s strong fortress


Dwaraka: The historic city of Dwaraka, thanks to Pabubha V.Manek has literally become a fortress of the ruling party ever since he began winning the seat for the party from 1995 onwards and till date. He has been holding the constituency of the newly carved district Dev Bhumi Dwaraka for the last 22 years just like the tenure of the party government in the state.

In fact he has been representing the pilgrimage center even much before as he was elected on a Congress ticket during 1990.But he switched loyalty to the BJP in 1995 and has remained one of the senior most party legislators in the state with a total tenure of 27 years!

From the superfluous point of view the situation appears as though there is hardly any opposition to him as he has been getting elected from 1990, 1995, 1998, 2002, 2007 and 2012 continuously and this is the seventh time he is seeking reelection from the same old home constituency.

A mining baron into multiple businesses in a big way Pabubha V. Manek looks to be successful enough in ensuring no stiff competition against his candidature forget any strong contender growing up to become a challenger difficult to reckon with.

But his victory margin is not all that great to be content of as it has been oscillating between a handful of thousands and not beyond that. Yet no one can deny the influence of his money power as it is only his hoardings and bill boards seen across the city and one has to literally do a survey of the area in detail to find one of the Congress party.

It’s not just money power alone but muscle power dominating the area alleges Congress sources. They also claim that their party candidate Meramenbhai Goriya has better chances of winning this time.

Naseerbhai of Dwaraka accuses the BJP MLA of doing no developmental works worth even a rupee in this constituency. He also has a list of charges against the six tenure legislator: There are no good schools or hospitals here and if there are hospitals they don’t have adequate medical and paramedical staff…

…There are no proper roads, drinking water scarcity continues to remain an everyday problem and Rs. one crore is being spent in the name of providing drinking water by tankers. There are 400 students in the Government Arts and Commerce College but only four staff members to teach…

…The MLA comes here only once in five years at the time of elections as he resides in Okha and manages the elections with the influence of money and muscle power…

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