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Trump vows to fight Islamic terror with India at ‘Howdy, Modi!’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump greeted each other with warmth and exuded confidence in making the two democracies work towards attaining shared goals

Houston, Texas: Joining Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the event “Howdy, Modi!” here, as he had promised, US President Donald Trump addressed the huge crowd of NRIs and PIOs, saying his government would work on a new defence partnership between India and America. The POTUS added that he would fight Islamic terrorism together with India and that both countries would work together for border security.

Earlier the prime minister started his address, greeting the people, “Good morning, Houston! Good morning, Texas! Good morning, America!” Modi said in his address that President Trump needed no introduction. “Billions of people follow his words. Trump has a big presence in world politics. I always find intimacy in Trump.” Borrowing from his own slogan of 2014, Modi said, “Ab ki baar, Trump sarkaar (it will again be a Trump government),” pitching for a repeat of the Republican government in the coming US election.

Prime Minister Modi said that this day was the day of friendship of two big democracies. “Today the whole world is watching history being made. I was introduced to Trump by my family in 2017,” he said.

Modi said that Indo-American relations were very good and that the two countries were true friends.

President Trump in his address said that illegal migrants were not acceptable to his government at all. “We have to work in the interest of the people of America. May God bless everyone, India as well as America,” he said.

Trump said that the United States had not seen a better friend of India than him in the position of the American president. The world is seeing India as a strong country under Modi’s tenure, he remarked. “India is going strong under Modi’s leadership. The Constitution of both countries start with ‘the people’,” Trump said.

Reciprocating with equal warmth, Trump said, “Three hundred million people came out of poverty under the Modi rule.”

The American president said that the US economy was the best in the world. “Both countries are working together in terms of security. We are ready to defend ourselves against Islamic terrorists.”

Trump said that PM Modi was doing a very good job in India. “Very happy to be in this historic programme,” he said. The POTUS said that he had congratulated Prime Minister Modi on his victory in the Lok Sabha election. “I am fortunate to be with PM Modi. Our dreams are shared and we are proud of the diaspora. India and America respect each other,” he said.

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