Saturday 28 May 2022
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Foreign policy: Trump trumps or Clinton clinches?

news analysisThe US goes to vote after a year of long, bitter campaigning here is a brief look at the difference in the foreign policy issues between Trump and Clinton.


Both candidates claimed to have a better plan to defeat Islamic State (IS) and projected toughness on terror.

While Trump accused Hillary of “founding” IS by creating instability in the as secretary of state, Clinton questioned Trump’s judgement on foreign affairs.

Trump proposed a contentious ban on Muslims and said he’d work with “moderate” Arab nations and Russia to defeat IS, rather than arming Syrian rebels to oust President Bashar al-Assad. Incidentally large section of Syrians population, independent journalists note, are in support of a Trump presidency because that will likely reduce US bombings in Syria, while a report claims that 68% in Saudi Arabia support Clinton as president.


The disagreement started with Trump’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin as the Syrian conflict deepened. Counter allegations of Russian interference in the elections came from the Clinton camp when evidence of Russian hacking of Democratic Party email accounts surfaced.

Image result for american planes bombing syria

Clinton promised to be tough on Moscow, vowing to “stand up to Putin,” whom she thinks favors Trump. As secretary of state in Obama’s first term, Clinton championed the administration’s Russia “reset” policy before Putin’s return to the presidency in 2012. Since then reports have surfaced of the intense mutual dislike between Clinton and Putin.

Clinton has also threatened sanctions against Russia and Syria for war crimes committed in Aleppo.


Trump has questioned the utility of NATO and insisted that other members must pay their “fair share” on defense. He also threatened to pull out of long-standing alliances with Japan and South Korea if they did not share more of the military burden.

Clinton however has accused Trump of trying to break-up NATO. She has instead pledged to strengthen America’s military partnerships, including NATO.

Hillary, Trump end campaign

FBI director James Comey’s announcement on Sunday that he would not recommend criminal charges against Clinton following a new email review, has clearly infused energy and confidence into Ms. Clinton’s campaign. She closed her campaign alongside president Obama and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, as well as first lady Michelle Obama. Obama appealed to voters to choose a “hopeful, inclusive, bighearted America.”

Meanwhile Trump vowed to “beat the corrupt system”, accusing Clinton of trying to rig the elections.


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