Sunday 23 January 2022
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Trump signs massive $ 900 billion Covid-19 relief bill

Trump said he would sign the omnibus and Covid package with a message that makes it clear to Congress that wasteful items must be removed

After coming under pressure from all sides for refusing to clear a Covid-19 relief package, US President Donald Trump on 27 December finally signed a mega $ 900 billion stimulus bill, which will give a much-needed boost to the citizens and businesses of the country.

In an official statement, Donald Trump said, “I am signing this bill to restore unemployment benefits, stop evictions, provide rental assistance, add money for PPP, return our airline workers back to work, add substantially more money for distribution, and much more.”

It should be noted that the package, which provides coronavirus emergency response and relief, is part of a larger spending bill that will avoid a government shutdown on 29 December.

The development has come days after President Donald Trump refused to sign the Covid-19 relief package, which was overwhelmingly approved by the Congress, and even went on to call it a “disgrace”.

“I will sign the Omnibus and Covid package with a strong message that makes clear to Congress that wasteful items need to be removed,” Trump said in the statement.

The relief package, passed by Congress on 21 December, would extend the benefits of the previous relief package as well as others set to expire in the days ahead.

Two federal unemployment benefit programs approved in March as part of an initial Covid-19 relief plan expired at midnight on 26 December, cutting off to nearly 12 million Americans.

Earlier on 26 December, President-elect Joe Biden trained guns at Donald Trump and accused him of abdicating responsibility by not signing the Covid-19 relief.

“It is the day after Christmas, and millions of families don’t know if they’ll be able to make ends meet because of President Donald Trump’s refusal to sign an economic relief bill approved by Congress with an overwhelming and bipartisan majority,” Biden said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Johns Hopkins University registered 19,107,675 positive tests for the coronavirus disease in the till 27 December. The country’s virus-related death toll currently stands at 3,33,069.

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