Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Trump got more non-White votes despite racist stereotype of Republicans

Perhaps more stunning is the fact that White women, seen on the forfront of shrill anti-Trump activism, voted for him by three points higher


Exit polls for the US presidential election show that Donald Trump improved over his 2016 performance among Black women (+4), Black men (+5), Hispanic women (+3) and Hispanic men (+4). While a large turnout of non-White voters had warmed the cockles of the hearts of Democrats, they voted more for the incumbent.

Exit pollsters are now saying opinion pollsters were all wrong because they could not gauge the “silent Trump voter” — as Trump garnered a larger share of the non-White vote than any GOP presidential candidate since 1960.

What is perhaps more stunning is the fact that White women, seen on the forfront of anti-Trump activism, voted for him three points higher than in 2016.

Rural America dumped the Democrats too, put off by the elitism in the approach of the camp. Trump won them over with a coalition of the working class with the GOP. This working class was not comfortable with anti-Trump protests where the Democrats would forget their criticism of the president’s way of handling the pandemic. The Democrat call, “Go to Church instead”, sounded condescending to them.

They also did not accept the vandalism of properties witnessed during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

If Trump appears to be losing, it’s because senior citizens among the Whites — still the majority in the US — voted overwhelmingly against him. The score here is 18 points as against 31 in 2016 from this section of the American demography.

Even young Whites dumped the president. College students’ vote for him in 2016 was 14 points. This time around, it’s -2, a massive downward swing.

Trump had won the suburbs by four points four years ago. In 2020, he lost these areas by three points.

Meanwhile, undaunted by their pre-election analyses going wrong, the American media, by and large, is celebrating the Democrat comeback. Most television channels and newspapers have begun referring to Biden out of turn as “President-elect”. Fox News was the last to fall in line, which CNN found quite amusing.

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