Monday 18 October 2021
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Trump demands more fairness from WTO

The era of economic surrender for the United States is over, it's over, Trump said at a White House Made in America event, as he demanded fairness from World Trade Organization


Washington: The era of economic surrender for the is over, it’s over, Trump said at a White House Made in America event, as he demanded fairness from the World Trade Organization.

For decades, the has allowed other countries to steal its jobs, close factories and plunder wealth, President Donald Trump said on Tuesday, asserting that the era of economic surrender is over.

Trump alleged that his successors did nothing to protect American jobs. They did nothing. They let our factories leave, they let our people lose their jobs, given to other jobs workers in faraway lands. That’s not free trade, that’s fool’s trade, that’s the stupid trade, he said.

We don’t do that kind of trade anymore. The European Union has been very tough on the United States, but they’re coming in to see me on Wednesday and we’ll see if we can work something out. Otherwise, we’ll have to do something with respect to the millions of cars that they send in every year, he said.

But maybe we can work something out, they’re all coming in, the top people. We’re talking to China, who had a $375 billion trade surplus last year with the United States, he said, adding that that is not good.

The US is also talking to Mexico on or the North American Free Trade Agreement, he said.

We’re demanding fairness with the World Trade Organization, it’s been a disaster for the and we want fairness. We lose court cases, we always had a minority of judges. They gave us fewer judges than other countries had and we’d lose cases, nobody knew why. I said I know why, because you don’t have judges from this country, you’d have the minority, Trump said.

The US is starting to do much better lately in winning cases. But America never waves the white flag, we only wave the red, white and blue flag. The era of economic surrender for the is over, it’s over, he said.

Trump said that his administration is reclaiming America’s proud manufacturing heritage. Because we are finally putting again America first. We’re tearing down barriers to our exports, protecting our intellectual property and defending our companies from unfair foreign trade practices, of which there are many, he said.

Businesses are creating more and more jobs right here in the United States, with more than 3.2 million new jobs created since President Trump took office. The number of job openings surpassed the number of job seekers for the first time on record, which is great news for Americans who are unemployed and unable to find good, stable jobs, he said.

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