Saturday 10 April 2021
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PoliticsWorldTrump Campaign: 'This election is not over'

Trump Campaign: ‘This election is not over’

'This election is not over,' read a statement from Trump campaign general counsel Matt Morgan while making allegations of irregularities

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The Donald Trump Campaign said today the US presidential election was “not over”, even as his challenger Joe Biden edged closer to a clear win in the photo-finish race to the White House.

The Trump Campaign issued the statement after Biden overcame the president’s lead in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania, positioning the challenger to win its 20 electoral votes. A win in Pennsylvania would give Biden the presidency, as he currently holds at least 253 of the 270 electoral votes needed.

“This election is not over,” campaign general counsel Matt Morgan said in the statement, making allegations of irregularities in the counting process.

“The false projection of Joe Biden as the winner is based on results in four states that are far from final.”

Trump has made a raft of fraud allegations with ‘evidence’ that social media giants Facebook and Twitter are censoring in the name of checking ‘fake news’. Twitter has slapped warning labels on a series of his tweets.

Trump losing, no doubt

But 72 hours since the election day, Democratic nominee Joe Biden has indeed taken narrow leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia, according to news agency Associated Press. He is close to a victory in the electoral college.

Early Friday, Biden took a 5,500-vote lead in the Keystone State. This was after he trailed President Trump in the state for days. He took a narrow lead in Georgia as well, giving the Democratic nominee the lead in a state that has not voted for a Democrat for president since Bill Clinton was on the ticket in 1992.

Both states witnessed neck-and-neck races with votes left to count, but those remaining votes are mail-in ballots that have broadly broken in the former vice president’s favour. Biden also leads in the popular vote.

Georgia may remain tight and undecided since voters there have until today to return overseas and active military ballots as well as rectify mistakes on absentee ballots. Provisional ballots also remain to be counted, as well as mail votes from some GOP-leaning counties.

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