Wednesday 27 January 2021
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Triple talaq: Why BJP is confident bill will become law soon

Here is the Rajya Sabha arithmetic that is making it almost certain that the triple talaq bill will be passed even by the Rajya Sabha this time

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Politics India Triple talaq: Why BJP is confident bill will become law soon

New Delhi: At the beginning of the Budget session after coming back to power, the Narendra Modi government presented the triple talaq bill in the house on Friday. The bill passed with 186 votes against 74 votes. Now this bill will be placed in the Rajya Sabha. Here is why the government brought this bill at the beginning of the session. We explain also why it is confident that the legislation will pass this time.

This bill was first introduced by the Modi government in the Lok Sabha during its first term in December 2017. However, the bill was not passed in the Upper House where the BJP and its allies are in a minority.

The government practically treated it as a law nevertheless with two ordinances. The first ordinance was issued in September 2018 and then it was implemented for the time being until the Lok Sabha election was announced in February 2019.

The age of any ordinance is of six months. The period of this ordinance ends in July. Because of this, the government has once again had to present the bill in the Lok Sabha.

BJP hopeful triple talaq bill will become law this time

This time, the Modi government is hoping to get the triple talaq bill [technically, the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Ordinance, 2019 bill] passed in the Rajya Sabha as well. The Upper House currently has 245 seats and the government will need 123 votes to get the bill approved.

On Thursday, after four Rajya Sabha MPs of the TDP joined the BJP, the ruling party’s strength in the Rajya Sabha has increased from 71 to 75.

Besides, the AIADMK’s 13, TRS’s six, YSRCP’s two and BJD’s five MPs are expected to extend support to the bill.

Apart from this, elections will be held on 6 July for six more seats. If the BJP and its allies win, it is possible to raise the figure to 123.

Triple talaq bill: Impact on Assembly elections

Three States Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand will have Assembly elections this year. All these three States have a good Muslim population. Jharkhand has a 15% Muslim population while Maharashtra has 11.56% population and Haryana has around 7%. Women voted in large numbers in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, too. In such a scenario, the government hopes that this issue will get the party the beleaguered Muslim women’s votes.

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