Thursday 26 May 2022
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Trinamool, Muslim Attack On BJP, Hindus: 1st Anniversary

In the reign of Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress, assaulting Hindus perceived as BJP voters has been the norm in West Bengal, which only intensified a year ago


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Today marks the end of a year since the Trinamool Congress workers, led by Muslims, sure of their victory in the just-concluded assembly election, unleashed their brute, terrifying force not only on the West Bengal cadre of the BJP but also on Hindu pockets in villages, small towns and even Kolkata that had been identified as supporters of the national party. The persecution of dissenters and opposition workers has only intensified, says News Bharati, a media house based in the state, while observing the first anniversary of the mayhem and massacre.

The Trinamool Congress goons have wreaked havoc, attacking and plundering the houses of their opponents, the website says. Since Mamata Banerjee retained power in Bengal, several BJP activists have been attacked, intimidated and killed and women were gang-raped. For this bloodbath, the fingers were pointed at Trinamool Congress workers, in particular its Muslim workers and supporters, for unleashing violence in the state.

In the reign of the Trinamool Congress, assaulting people, specifically Hindus, and even rapes and killings were the norm in West Bengal. Sirf News Editor-in-Chief calls West Bengal the most politically state since the late 1960s, which has caught the attention of the nation of late because Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi couldn’t care less when Communist Party of India (Marxist)’s men butchered Congress (I) workers in broad daylight while, 2021 onwards, the BJP seems to be contesting in elections in the state with the objective to win.

On the days 2-5 May, that long bloody history only turned bloodier. The day the Election Commission announced the state assembly poll results, that is this day last year, such a reign of terror prevailed that part of the Hindu population fled to the neighbouring states of Assam (mostly), Bihar and Jharkhand.

What was the point in creating an atmosphere that resembled the Kashmir of 30 years ago, one may ask. “Why is the Bengal government dividing the state? Are we going to allow Indians to become refugees in their own land again? Why liberals, who call Modi a fascist, are silent when Bengal burns under Mamata Banerjee’s administration?” writes News Bharati.

The Twitterati are recalling the terror unleashed a year ago. A user says that the current scenario is the same as the days of #Postpollviolence:

Another user, like the advocates outside the Patiala House Court in Delhi two days ago, expressed solidarity with the victims:

A third says justice was denied to the victims and their kin.

“I pleaded with him, saying I’m like ur mother, but he did not stop. I, a #Hindu woman, lost my honour to a #Muslim TMC goon”, said a rape survivor. Usman raped her and her fault was that she voted for BJP.

BJP’s IT cell in-charge on 2 May slammed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee after Kolkata Police denied the BJP permission to hold an exhibition on post-poll violence in the state.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, he said, “Kolkata police has denied BJP permission to hold an exhibition on the horrific post-poll violence under Mamata Banerjee’s watch. He went on to ask, “What does she fear? Is she scared of standing on a ground that is oozing blood or finds cries of hapless women being raped by TMC workers deafening?”

Expressing solidarity with the victims of post-poll violence, BJP has put up posters and banners in Kolkata marking the one year of post-poll violence in the state. “Anniversary of the post-poll violence. BJP will fight until there is violence-free politics and fear-free Bengal,” read a banner.

Earlier on 29 April, a delegation of 10 advocates from “Lawyers for Justice” along with the victims of the West Bengal post-poll violence met Union Home Minister Amit Shah to press for their demand for President’s Rule in the state. “We had a detailed discussion with the Home Minister that lasted for about 45 minutes. He listened to the victims’ problems and assured to look into the issue. We have been continuously demanding President’s Rule,” Kabir Bose of the ‘Lawyer for Justice’ told the media.

Prior to the meeting with Shah, the group of advocates also met President Ram Nath Kovind on 29 April and urged for the imposition of President’s Rule, claiming a “complete breakdown of law and order in the state”.

But this has been an old demand since CBI officers were detained in Kolkata by the city police and a meek union government approached the court instead of invoking Article 356. The appeal for President’s Rule was intense around this time a year ago. Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared as unimpressed as Indira and Rajiv Gandhi would be in the 1980s when their workers used to be at the receiving end of communist terrorism.



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