Friday 1 July 2022
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Trinamool Congress fielded Bangladeshi in 2021 Bengal election

The Trinamool Congress candidate from Bangaon South, Alo Rani Sarkar, has been found to be a Bangladeshi in the course of a case she had filed against the BJP candidate she had lost to

The Calcutta High Court has reprimanded West Bengal‘s ruling party Trinamool Congress for nominating a Bangladeshi citizen for the assembly of 2021. The court ruled that the Trinamool Congress candidate for the Bangaon South constituency at the 2021 assembly election, Alo Rani Sarkar, was a Bangladeshi national.

Sarkar had filed an petition at the high court, challenging the victory of Swapan Majumder, a BJP candidate from Bangaon South, in the last assembly election. The case was being heard in a division bench of Justice Vivek Chowdhury.

Majumder’s Jagriti Mishra argued that Sarkar was a Bangladeshi citizen who had somehow procured Indian documents. She got married in Bangladesh and her husband is a citizen and resident of Bangladesh, the lawyer submitted. The court questioned how a person holding dual citizenship was made a Trinamool Congress candidate.

Indian law does not permit dual citizenship and a citizen of another country cannot compete in an conducted in India for an Indian legislative body. As a result, it is impossible to have dual citizenship as an Indian. The court said that the Trinamool Congress had violated the law.

The Trinamool Congress did not stop at that. The ruling party of West Bengal made Sarkar the president of the Bangaon organising committee of the before the assembly election. She was recently replaced by Gopal Seth as a part of Trinamool Congress’s reshuffling exercise. Mamata Banerjee or her nephew Abhishek Banerjee, considered No. 2 in her government, has not commented on the court ruling.

Meanwhile, the court has so far not decided on the conviction or quantum of punishment of Sarkar for violating the law.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has been criticising the Trinamool Congress and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for allegedly facilitating Bangladeshi infiltration and winning elections with the help of infiltrators. A few days ago, the union minister alleged that the ruling party had nominated a Bangladeshi in the assembly last year.

The Trinamool Congress had infamously fielded two Bangladeshi actors as campaigners in the run-up to the 2019 Lok Sabha election. Nur Abdun Ghazi and actor Firdaus of Rani Rasmoni series campaigned for the Trinamool Congress until they were caught in the act and deported. Nur then had to leave Calcutta. Firdaus’ passport was blacklisted by the Union Ministry of External Affairs.

But the Trinamool Congress pointed out that the BJP’s record was hardly clean in this regard. In 2019, the central leadership of the national party was embarrassed on learning that the then West Bengal BJP head had brought to the party Bangladeshi actress Anju Ghosh, famous for her leading role in an early 1990s’ super-hit Bengali film Beder Meye Josna. There used to be a trend of making India-Bangladesh collaborative Bangla films in that period.

However, the Trinamool Congress’ allegation proved false. After beginning her career in 1982, Anju Ghosh moved to Calcutta a decade later when Beder Meye Josna became a blockbuster. She took up Indian citizenship and bought a house in Salt Lake of Calcutta. She is now 66 years old.

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