Wednesday 20 October 2021
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Trinamool candidate attacked with bricks as clashes erupt during Phase 3 polling

Clashes broke out between Trinamool and BJP workers in Arambagh of Bengal as the area voted in the third phase of the state assembly election


Clashes broke out between Trinamool Congress (AITC) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers in Arambagh of West Bengal today as the area voted in the third phase of the state assembly election. Some mask-clad men, throwing bricks at her, allegedly attacked AITC candidate Sujata Mondal.

Clashes erupted between AITC and BJP supporters in Arambag on 6 April morning as voting was underway.

“In Arandi-I area here, we’ve minority and SC voters who love Mamata Banerjee. Goons of BJP threatened and tortured the women voters last night,” said AITC candidate Sujata Mondal.

An officer attached with Sujata Mondal has suffered a head in the clashes too. The AITC candidate claimed she had been attacked by bricks.

Sujata Mondal said, “Situation is fine at many places but not okay where we’re strong. At booth 45, people voted for AITC but it’s going to BJP. In Arandi-II, our workers were beaten up. Central Forces are also not neutral. They’re telling people to vote for BJP.”

She further said that as she had tried to help some voters who weren’t being allowed to vote, some masked men bashed her up along with her aides. Sujata Mondal is the wife of BJP MP Saumitra Khan.

In the third phase of polling in West Bengal, voting is taking place for 31 seats that are set to witness a tough fight between the ruling AITC and BJP.

The AITC leader alleged that CRPF is acting at the behest of the BJP. “I feel sad when I see the CRPF is not working neutrally. They have become the agent of the BJP and asking people to for BJP,” stated Sujata.

In the Arambagh constituency, AITC has fielded Sujata Mondal Khan against CPI(M)’s Sakti Mohan Malik and BJP’s Madhusudhan Bag.

Sporadic incidents of violence were reported on 6 April in some areas where voting is underway in the third phase of the West Bengal assembly elections, even as the overall situation by and large remained peaceful with 34.71% recorded till 12 PM.

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