Friday 16 April 2021
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PoliticsIndiaTrinamool accused of assaulting BJP-affiliated family including old woman

Trinamool accused of assaulting BJP-affiliated family including old woman

In Nimta Police Station in this matter An FIR has been registered. The victim BJP worker accused 3 TMC goons of violence

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In yet another incident of political violence in West Bengal, a BJP worker and his elderly mother were beaten up fiercely on 26 February.

The BJP has accused “goons of Trinamool” of the act of violence. The incident, which occurred on the day the Election Commission announced the polling schedule for four states and a union territory, miscreants attacked Gopal Majumdar and family at 1:30 AM in the sixth ward of Nimta in Dum Dum, northern Kolkata. The hoodlums hit Majumdar and his mother with the butt of a gun and beat them, wounding them grievously.

An FIR has been lodged at the Nimta police station. Majumdar, a BJP worker, accused three goons affiliated to the AITC of assaulting him and his mother.

Majumdar said that the trio entered his house and started hitting him after hurling expletives. When his mother intervened, he said, the assailants hit her too.

The victim said that some goons were standing outside the house, whom he could not recognize. He said that the goons pushed his mother and left the house after the assault.

The victim said, “I am a member of the mandal committee of the BJP. First they punched me with fists. Then they used the butt of a revolver to hit my head. When I fell to the ground, they started kicking me.“

A resident of the area said that this part of Dum Dum was notorious for the menace of antisocial elements who work for the ruling Trinamool Congress.

Gopal’s mother said, as she broke down, that the goons beat her too. She said that the attackers were activists of the AITC who attacked her son for being associated with the BJP. With this attack, the ruling party is sending across a message that challenges thrown at the Trinamool rule would be met with violence, she alleged.

The elderly woman said that the attackers had been loitering around the house since the evening.

Bengal BJP, sharing photographs of Majumdar and her mother, tweeted, expressing dismay at the state of women’s security in a state ruled by a woman who sought pride in being a “daughter of Bengal”.

An activist of the AITC, Kamal Shah is one of the suspects.

A local BJP activist said that Shah had threatened that people in the area who supported or were sympathetic to the BJP would “not be spared”. The activist, announcing a protest march against the incident, said that Shah has created an atmosphere of terror in the area and that Majumdar had been targeted at Shah’s behest.

Local BJP politicians expressed their anger over the incident on social media.

In another incident in the night of 26 February, alleged AITC workers entered a BJP warehouse and damaged the party’s publicity vehicles. An official complaint has been filed in this case with the Kolkata Police.

Some alleged workers of the AITC targeted the warehouse situated in the Phoolbagan police station area. The BJP’s election vehicles were damaged and carried away many valuable items kept there. There is a BJP office in Kadapara area where the incident took place.

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