Tuesday 19 January 2021
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TOI publishes fake news that misleads people about CAA

Omendra Ratnu, whose Nimittekam works for the rehabilitation of genuine CAA applicants among Hindus of Pakistan, brands misleading media outlets as Goebbelsian

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Politics India TOI publishes fake news that misleads people about CAA

On 26 November, two newspapers of the Times Group, The Times of India (TOI) and The Economic Times (ET), published a report titled, “Pak refugees head home on longer citizenship wait,” The story claimed “Many Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan give up on Indian citizenship dream as CAA notification hangs fire” in its introductory line.

“Officials said,’ according to the TOI, “applications from Pakistani refugees wishing to go back have been received mainly from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Delhi. In some cases, harassment and corruption during field verification have come to light, adding to the woes of the refugees, said people aware of the matter.”

Sirf News contacted Dr Omendra Ratnu, an activist (medical practitioner by profession) based in Jaipur who has been working under the banner Nimittekam for the rehabilitation of Hindu and Sikh refugees from Pakistan for years together to check the veracity of the TOI report. He dismissed the story as “fake news” instantly.

Dr Ratnu said over the phone, “The very first paragraph of the report says these people had to overstay in India due to the situation thrown up by the Covid-19 pandemic. Clearly, therefore, these are not refugees but Pakistani citizens.”

Dr Ratnu continued, “These people have not been vetted by the Indian security agencies. Say, one of them turns out to be a terrorist, who will take the responsibility of such a person’s actions? The lives of more Hindus in Pakistan will be at stake in the aftermath of an untoward incident.”

Jhooth likh rahe hain, Yeh magarmachchh ke aansoo hain. Yeh wahi log hain jinhonne CAA ka virodh kiya tha (they are lying; these are crocodile’s tears; they (TOI) are the very people who had opposed the CAA),” said the doctor.

Aaj inko Modi ko maarne ke liye danda chahiye to inhonne rang badal kar CAA ke paksh men likhna shuru kar diya (Today, they need a stick to beat Prime Minister Narendra Modi with; so, they have changed their colours to write in favour of the CAA), said Dr Ratnu, adding, “but why should we fall for it?”

Having said that, Dr Ratnu sent Sirf News an email detailing several similar incidents in the recent past where stray incidents were cited to mislead people about the amended citizenship law.

Dr Ratnu wrote in the email, “About three months ago, 11 Bheel refugees from Pakistan committed mass suicide due to domestic infighting in Dhechu, Jodhpur. We at Nimittekam despatched our Jodhpur district coordinator Bhag Chand Bheel to Village Dhechu and he reported back that the whole thing was an unfortunate culmination of internal discord in the family.”

“The state police could not find any criminal angle in this suicide either. The only man of the family who was left alive, Keva Ram Bheel gave a statement on police record that this tragedy happened due to family infighting and has nothing to do with government apathy.”

“And yet, how did this suicide play out in Bharat and overseas?”

“Media in India went out of the way to make it look like mass murder or suicide due to official apathy towards Hindu refugees from Pakistan or even a criminal angle was suggested. A so-called activist, whom I choose not to name, appeared for interviews sitting in Jodhpur to various media outlets to get his few moments of fame and merrily blamed the administration for these deaths.”

“The Pakistani presstitutes lapped up these lies and made full-blast propaganda out of it that Pakistani Hindu refugees were not safe in India.”

“The Pakistani Hindu council made a hue and cry about it and even did a demonstration outside Indian High Commission.”

“Thus, a stray incident was converted into a tool to malign the exemplary work of the Government of India and send a message to the Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan that it was no use looking at the Indian state or Indian people for a safer and better future in India.”

“And then Covid-19 happened. Due to the coronavirus, there has been no movement of Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan to India because the embassies and the borders have been shut down since March 2020.”

“Because of these two reasons, more than 2,000 Hindu families have converted to Islam in Sindh and Punjab province of Pakistan. Hindus who had been standing for the faith of their ancestors against the worst kind of atrocities by Islamists were forced to yield and lead to the ultimate surrender of their faith.”

“Of course, Covid-19 is a factor none can predict and control and the loss of Hindu families to abject hunger and poverty is something we will have to live with.”

“But why on earth should we succumb to lies peddled by the presstitutes and Islamists to malign the CAA and extremely hard work of organisations like Nimittekam in extricating Hindus and Sikhs out of the hell hole of Pakistan?”

“People like me and my dear friend Jai Ahuja, who heads Nimittekam now, cried ourselves hoarse, explaining that the death of 11 Hindu refugees was a case of suicide, but no one listened.”

“Even news portals sympathetic to Hindu causes yielded to the propaganda and joined the chorus.”

“The net result was despondency in one crore Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan and a bad name for the Indian government.”

“Both could only lead to more conversions of Hindus to Islam.”

“Working for the last 10 years with the Indian union and state governments, I can vouch for the fact that the only approach to Pakistani Hindu issues has been one of extreme compassion and concern.”

“Even the much-maligned Indian bureaucracy has been very helpful and went out of the way to accommodate the issues of these unfortunate Hindus of Pakistan.”

Just when the dust around the Dhechu suicides was settling, we get another news heading from a newspaper (TOI) and the whole leftist ecosystem goes radioactive. This time it is about 243 Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan going back to their native nation. The article maliciously links this returning of Pakistani citizens to non-implementation of the CAA. Before the TOI and ET story is used by the presstitutes of Pakistan to peddle a white lie amongst Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan, we must counter this false news point by point.”

“Firstly, these Hindus are not officially refugees in India but have overstayed in India due to the shutdown of travel happening after the Covid-19 epidemic. Hence, they are Pakistani citizens who were here on visit Visa or religious visa and they have to go back.”

“Second, the process to grant a refugee status for a Hindu or Sikh from Pakistan is clearly laid out by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for decades now. Briefly, it requires an Indian citizen to sponsor a Pakistani Hindu, the application is then vetted by the security agencies of India and then the visa is granted by the Indian embassy in Islamabad. None of these people mentioned in this article belongs to this category.”

“Third, every Pakistani citizen is a security risk for India. We can never be sure when a Jehadi will masquerade as a Hindu and enter India to wreak havoc on our society. Not only such a possibility means a terror attack, but a very bad name to one crore Hindus trapped in Pakistan and the whole issue will be maligned beyond redemption.”

“If the officials of MHA want to send back these Pakistanis, they must have their solid reasons.”

“Fourth, there are myopic and self-absorbed people in Jodhpur who are milking this whole issue of Pakistani Hindus to further their leftist, anarchist agenda. They have deep connections with media houses like the TOI whom some dubious journalists keep popping up from time to time.”

“Fifth, CAA has no role in this situation because CAA is only applicable to refugees who entered India prior to 31st December 2014, and CAA applies only an only to legal refugees.”

“I beg the Hindu activists and so-called right-wing portals not to fall for this ploy of the leftist-jihadi cabal. The consequence of all this noise around the Pakistani Hindu issue will be more panic and persecution of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan leading to more conversions. It is high time we realised that when the very same leftists who were egging on the Shaheen Bagh protests are now shedding crocodile tears for Hindus of Pakistan, it can only mean one thing — to malign the Modi government and create fissures within the Hindu community.”

“Have we ever seen these reporters write about the horrors that Hindus and Sikhs face in Pakistan every day? Do we ever have op-eds on three Hindu/Sikh girls being picked up from their homes and forcibly converted every day” Do we ever hear these newspapers writing on the exemplary work being done to rehabilitate these forgotten Hindus of Pakistan in India? Do we ever hear of the NGOs and ashrams like Shadani Darbar Of Raipur that are housing thousands of these refugees with them? Do we hear these newspapers telling us that six city councils of the USA have passed resolutions against the CAA?”

“No. Because the paymasters of these leftist trumpets have a singular agenda of maligning Narendra Modi and Hinduism. For that, they will even manufacture a victim out of Hindus of Pakistan whom they were resisting in Shaheen Baghs and various editorials till yesterday.”

“The very same group that was denouncing CAA as discriminatory is going to town with the appeal that CAA rules haven’t yet been drafted. So, on the one hand, they cry foul when the CAB becomes a law and, on the other, they cry when the CAA drafting is delayed!”

“Even Mahadev can not decipher the scripts buried in the contours of the Leftist Brain.”

“With the home minister being sick for a long time and the widespread disruption caused by Covid, the demand for the drafting of rules of CAA is untimely and erroneous.”

“The Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan are very precariously placed people in an extremely dangerous situation. The least we can do is to stop adding to their troubles by yielding to lies of leftists and jihadis. Goebbels* uttered a simple truth once, that a lie told one hundred times becomes the truth.”

* Paul Joseph Goebbels was a German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945

“Modern-day leftists and media persons have taken Goebbels to a new level: Lies can not only be told hundred times to make it a truth but can also be turned on its head to suit our narrative and confuse the opponent.”

“Hope the Hindu right and it’s sympathisers see through this vile and hideous game, because at stake are the lives and freedom of one crore Hindus and Sikhs trapped in Pakistan.”

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