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Tirath Singh Rawat had shortest tenure of any Uttarakhand CM

Tirath S Rawat’s tenure was marked by controversies during the initial days although later, as he settled down in his role, he became careful


became the chief minister with the shortest term in office by any contemporary in Uttarakhand — with a tenure of just under four months. After being carved out of Uttar Pradesh on 9 November 2000, the Himalayan state has seen as many as nine people hold the chief minister’s post in a period of 21 years.

While his predecessor Trivendra S Rawat’s term was cut short by complaints that he was working against interests — with a negligent approach towards love and usurping of places of worship for the project — Tirath S Rawat’s short tenure was marked by controversies during the initial days although later, as he settled down in his role, he became more careful in his statements.

Highs and lows

Some of his funny remarks included those on women wearing ripped jeans, a declaration that no RT-PCR was required for the Kumbh Mela, equating Prime Minister Narendra Modi with God and declaring that the US, not Britain, ruled India for 200 years.

His predecessor Trivendra Singh Rawat’s key decisions such as making Gairsain a commissionerate and Devasthanam Board were either reversed or reviewed by him. Further, over 80 minister-level office-bearers in Uttarakhand, who were appointed during Trivendra’s tenure, terminated.

During the second wave of the Covid-19, the Tirath S Rawat government took a few initiatives like setting up plants in all 13 districts, setting up more ICU beds and ventilators as well as inaugurating the Vatsalya Yojna, which assures assistance to children who have either lost their parents or the earning member due to the virus.

The chief minister and his team were also working on an ambitious project to make over 22,000 new appointments in more than 21 government departments.

Tirath S Rawat had been elected to the Lok Sabha, lower house of the parliament, from Garhwal in the 2019 Indian general election as a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He had also been the minister of education of Uttarakhand at one point.

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